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Slight Edge : Chapter 3 - Is Time On Your Side? - Notes

We’re so busy being busy, we don’t know what is going on half the time. We know we’re doing something, but how are we doing to reach our goal..? 310 more words

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Slight Edge : Chapter 2 - The Secret of Easy Things - Notes

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is this : Successful people do the easy things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.

Reading a few pages of a good book everyday isn’t hard to do. 249 more words

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Slight Edge : Chapter 1 - Notes

Okay now if you thought that was it to the slight edge.. You’re in for a surprise. The stuff you read earlier was a given. 901 more words

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The Slight Edge: Introduction - Notes


Why did I start reading this book?

Well to be honest. I procrastinate like everyone else, and wasn’t proud of it. I was so annoyed about the fact that I wanted to do something about it. 502 more words

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Paper Reading Notes: An efficient reconciliation algorithm for social networks (VLDB 2014)

I have a Facebook account, a Twitter Account, a LinkedIn account, an Instagram account, two Google+ accounts, and maybe more than a hundred more. I think it’s quite typical today. 334 more words

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