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Is recognizing patterns important for little kids?

I was working with a rising first grader over the weekend, using a hands-on parts-of-speech activity to help kids learn nouns, verbs, article adjectives, etc. The student’s job was to manipulate the parts of speech words over the appropriate words in printed sentences. 449 more words

Reading Readiness.

Will watching TV help my child learn vocabulary or do better at reading?

Most studies of the effects of television viewing by young children show negative effects, but it is hard to single out effects on only vocabulary or reading readiness. 242 more words

Reading Readiness.

Give your child the gift of books. Give your child a library card.

I remember getting my first library card in kindergarten.
I needed to be able to write my own name with my mother promising to be responsible. 440 more words

Reading Readiness.

Phonics & War

I’ve heard that in an era of war, a culture will significantly drop in literacy rates, as well as the arts.  Music, poetry, fine arts, dance, fine acting, literature; and yes, the ability to read… in other words, the things which make us most human, most humane and civil. 283 more words


Playful Print

At my school in the South Slope of Vancouver, we have just raised just over $11,000 to put towards replacing our deteriorating wooden playground structure. The Parent Advisory Committee now has just over $30,000 in the designated savings account.    558 more words

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