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6 types of Reading Responses for the Reader's Notebook

In my last entry on reading notebooks, I mentioned that it is important to create your own to use as a teaching tool. It should be mostly the books you are actually reading with a very limited selection of books at the student level.  567 more words

On The School Front

sarah durkheim

I’m having  a difficult time with Durkheim. There is seemingly no critique in his work. From my perspective, he is observing the way society has functioned and is functioning (in his time) and fits it into a seemingly “scientific” description of his own design. 211 more words

Reading Responses

Sarah Reading Response Capital

In speaking about Marx, many people characterize his work in such a way that makes his approach sound cold and mechanical, especially when people connect it with communism. 228 more words

Karl Marx

Sarah Reading Response C.M.

As I said in an earlier post, the Manifesto is for me a birds eye view of Marx and Engels’ understanding of their particular context. It is much easier to read than Capital, but it is not necessarily more interesting. 197 more words

Karl Marx

My comments regarding a recent law enforcement related news headline...

Has our justice system failed once again? That’s the question I’m asking after reading this recent news headline article: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/tearful-mom-who-left-kids-car-during-job-interview-cuts-n159621

Her name is Shanesha Taylor, age 35, and a mother of two young children. 395 more words

News Headlines - My Comments

Week Three Readings (Monday)




Data-Driven Aesthetics

Again we have a good example of different fields coming together to creat something neither would have found separate.  Data is something i have worked with for years in Economics and I do appreciate what it can do, but I have always had reservations as so often data is misconstrued.   530 more words

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Week 2 Reading Responses (Wednesday)


Prior to reading this article, I had never heard of Cli-Fi, but the birthing of this genre is something to speak for the cultural changes happening.   1,351 more words

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