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Artist's Statement for the Last Project - Virginia Billings

My video is a narrative/how-to hybrid about a couple going on their first date and it fails because of an insensitive comment about digital art. The woman loses her temper and proceeds to demonstrate how much work it really is to create a digital piece of art. 29 more words

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Book Proposals for Publishing Edited Collections or the Dissertation

Edited collections

Never stop trying before it is accepted

What kind of press?

Press websites:

1) format; 2) project description; 3) competitors; 4)gap; 5) timeline; 6) two sample chapters (introduction and a later chapter); 7) justification; 8) audience analysis; 9) four or five suggestions for reviewers; 10) CV… 59 more words

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Writing for Academic Publication: Publishing/Editing Proceedings

May 5th    At 12:00. Deadline for final paper! Drop-dead date deadline.

Cover letter would help to decide where/the venues you will send the paper. For instance, pedagogical journals, etc. 300 more words

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SOUL Project & My Reaction and Contribution

SOUL Programs Donor Merchandise

VisLit Final Project Plan

The final project was an interesting conundrum for me. I don’t typically like group projects to begin with, I like to do things on my own as I know that I am reliable and will do my work. 474 more words

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Final Reflective Post

So, the end of the semester is upon us…and man, did it fly by! This will be my final post on this blog and my last chance to wrap up my thoughts about short stories and novels depicting teachers, as well as any other thoughts I have about this course as a whole. 511 more words

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Everyone Reads Differently!

Have you ever noticed that when you read you tend to play with the pages or fold the corners when you want to mark your place?   158 more words


Governance: Past, Present, and Future

“The WSIS as a Political Space in Global Media Governance”—-Marc Roboy, Tunis Agenda and Commitment for the Information Society

The diplomacy rhetoric—-”call for,” “urge,” so on and so forth vs. 697 more words

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