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How about those suggestions from March?

You may have noticed that the suggestion for possible reading this site posts each day are scattershot at best: there are books I have yet to read, books I read long ago, books that are in the news, books you may never have heard of, short books, long books, usually good books, but sometimes a clunker or two (which is often a personal preference and can’t really be blamed on the book). 298 more words


In the Foreward to Anne Enright’s chronological collection of her short stories entitled “Yesterday’s Weather” she is surprised at the female characters meanness toward each other. 595 more words

Book Review

These popular children's books are turning 50 this year.

If you remember them from your childhood, why not share them with the younger members of your family? Here’s a link to our list on Library Thing. http://bit.ly/1hfv08t

Reading Suggestions

I am at war

I just went to see Divergent yesterday for date night with my wife Jazmin and it dawned on me what keeps on dawning on me: it’s a war story. 384 more words

Life Lessons

Eleven Days

The Bibliography to Lea Carpenter’s first novel, “Eleven Days” in part reads as follows:

“Admiral McRaven oversaw Operation Neptune Spear, the raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011, that killed Osama bin Laden. 468 more words

Book Review

Irish-themed fiction

Can’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day? How about some fiction with an Irish flavor? We have a selection of books ready at the front desk for your convenience, but if you’d like more titles to choose from, see our… 19 more words

Reading Suggestions

Spring Break Recommendations!

Well…WordPress doesn’t want to work nicely for me today so I’m going to have to link you to today’s post. Sorry!

Anyway, today I’ve compiled a list of books, movies, and TV shows for you to read &/or watch during your Spring Break. 35 more words