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they have ceased to love

“When men begin to speak of duty, they have ceased to love.”

— Caroline Lamb, Glenarvon


The poem is the only flawless thing

“The poem is the only flawless thing, provided you know what time it is. A poem is a web which the poet spins out of his own body according to a logarithmic calculus of his own divination. 18 more words


Get this book finished and sold

“What does the subject matter? Get this book finished and sold, and then do something better next time.”

— George Gissing, New Grub Street


Titan at war with Jove

“My feelings, dearest, are too strong for transcription. I feel, pen in hand, like the mythological Titan at war with Jove, strong enough to hurl mountains, and finding nothing but pebbles. 19 more words


the poet’s worst enemies

“Only remember that those two seducers the striking metaphor and the apt adjective can turn out to be the poet’s worst enemies if they are not held in check.”

— Lawrence Durrell, The Avignon Quintet


The importance of energy to a leader...

A few weeks ago Andrew, Agoge’s Founder  & CEO was giving a talk at our annual conference.  He spoke about the importance of energy and ensuring we know how to keep ourselves in a healthy space.   319 more words


Week of October 28: Miterm exam/ La Ciudad

The Midterm will be on Tuesday the 28th in class. We started review in the last class, and here are some things to consider.

  • Exam format will be short answers (about 8) and one essay. 410 more words
  • Reading