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My Year Ahead Spread- Birth month to Birth month

So I came up with my own spread, no one elses was really appealing to me, there may be one out there just like it, if you find it tell me and I will like it here. 498 more words


Oh My Wow moment/reading

Okay, I’m just learning to read, as you know if you regularly check my blog/follow it and get updates. Here is a little back story of me. 164 more words


Fair Lights Tarot (Getting to know the new deck)

Omgosh, the pictures in this deck are so pretty. The contrast of light and dark cards are just amazing in this deck.

How I ask questions and get set up- I start by taking three deep breathes, in through my nose, out through my mouth. 578 more words


The Rocky Road to Book Promotion

My hair is turning grey. Why? Because I not only write books, but have to concentrate on publicity. Publicity? Yeah, I know, it’s a bad word—but a necessary one. 964 more words



Lots of thinking and analyzing my crazy personal life gave me a lovely headache. I’ve always known I’m thinking too much. Is it possible to stop thinking? 226 more words

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