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After the Reading

My favorite
spilt my guts
in public– Now I’m alone
with memories of freedom though it
didn’t exist, was perhaps a lie that… 26 more words
Photography And Art

Narmeen Farooqui Assignment 2.

Opened: January 21, 2012

Closed: April 1, 2012

Location: In the Bartels Gallery, Floor 1L, and the Moak, Class of 1953, Schaenen, Opatrny, and wing galleries, Floor 2L… 579 more words


Mapping and Spacing

I’ve always loved creating layouts and designs. Where it’s figuring out a new way to arrange the furniture in my room, how to make a number of picture frames fit on the wall together, or designing pages of my high school’s yearbook, there’s something about the organization and simplicity of a layout that entices me. 448 more words


Spirituality of Tea

Warm Up

Choose an Ice Breaker. After your chosen activity, go around and ask, “What is your favorite hot drink and why?”

Tea Time

Serve everyone tea. 1,082 more words


Ten-Twenty-One: {3.2 Cont'd. Working with Quantifiers. Part 2: Functions}

Definition: p. 113 For any sets A and B, a fct from A to B is a set S A X B which satisfies:

1. (∀ u ∈ A)(∃ v ∈ B)((u,v) ∈ S), and… 479 more words


Understanding Comics... or Photo Stories

The chapters by Scott McCloud are primarily about comics, but it is obvious that you could also relate his comic concepts to photographic narratives.  He says that there are six ways to transition from one panel to the next: moment-to-moment, action-to-action, subject-to-subject, scene-to-scene, aspect-to-aspect, and non-sequitor. 267 more words