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Experimenting with objects becoming moles, like the egg carton, and using plaster to change the object’s narrative.

A Change of Readymade Plans..

My idea for the readymade part of the project was to use 4 old history books I’d bought at an antiques market and change them in some way to get the viewer to… 314 more words


On First Looking into Fagles' Homer

after John Keats 

Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold, 
   And many goodly states and kingdoms seen; 
   Round many western islands have I been 
Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold. 81 more words

Raw/Readymade Chair Progress

I drilled the arm support holes slightly too big which left a gap around the base. I made some rings to sit at around the base of the support to conceal the gaps, and two more to go at the top to balance out the overall look. 48 more words


Book Review- Ready Made: How To Make (Almost) Everything

I bought this book a while back and it’s a really nice coffee table book.  The cover is really nice (imo) simple but has a fun ruler design on the spine and thick unfinished cardboard for the cover.   483 more words


What is art? Man Ray's 'Gift'

Way up there in the list of artistic concepts that have traumatized, appalled and downright confused the general population is Marcel Duchamp’s readymades. Duchamp was a surrealist if there ever was one, creating somewhere in the space between dreams and reality. 483 more words