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Conditional Tax Incentive: A New Tax Policy Designed to Increase Employment

In a nation where the unemployment rate keeps dropping, but we still can’t seem to get enough people employed, something’s gotta give. Some states have responded in various ways. 1,728 more words


Income Disparity: Food Fast Style (How About Some Higher Wagers With That CEO Pay?)

One of the nation’s leading fast food chains offers the perfect case of income disparity.  In 2012,  Bloomberg published a piece with a 44 year old 20 year MacDonald’s employee as its underlying human story.  711 more words


Wisconsin's Burden (Stale Pale Male Scott Walker)

“Duuhmm…” (heavy breath) “…well, it’s about jobs and…” (sigh)

Wisconsin’s Burden (Stale Pale Male Scott Walker)

Scott Walker for Prez?
Vote for him at your peril… 280 more words


#HandsUpDontShoot #MikeBrown

Invest In Marijuana:  You can watch the presentation here.

“Regardless of your feelings about legalizing marijuana two things are abundantly clear: This is an industry that isn’t going away anytime soon… and there is A LOT of money up for grabs for those who recognize this trend early on.” 36 more words


The No-Comparison Comparison of Reagan v Obama

Have you ever wondered why, in a hypothetical match-up, the American people would elect Ronald Reagan over Barack Obama in a landslide?

And have you ever wondered why… 643 more words


Lagerfeld Still Making Chanel Proud

Sometimes I think the main reason Karl Lagerfeld has been one of my favorite designers is because he never really left the ’80s. In his Fall 2014 Couture collection for Chanel, there were unmistakable touches of the decade simply all over the place in everything from an endless array of glitzy details to the spiky bangs sported by the models themselves. 639 more words

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