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Blog writing: Real estate

I haven’t posted any examples of real estate writing to this point, but I’ve done quite a lot of it, and here’s why: My wife Beth is a Re/Max real estate agent and she has a blog, pinellasnewsboy.com. 912 more words

Bill Frederick

Bank on a Bike in Mahahual, Mexico

  There are no banks in Mahahual, only ATM machines in town and at the port.  Most of the people who work in the restaurants, beach clubs, and at the port make their money off the tourists from cruise ships, so most people here get paid in cash.  236 more words

When are Cruise Ships in town?

Everywhere I go in Mahahual or New Mahahual people always ask me, “How many ships in port today or tomorrow?”  Where ever I go when cruise ships are in town, all the locals always ask me about the cruise ship schedule.  150 more words

Another Day at the Port

People here in Mahahual are very friendly.  Everyday when I arrive at work at the port every body always gives me a greeting or hello.  In the USA I remember arriving at work and just hello, or good morning to several people, or a whats up.  354 more words

Spring Break in Mahahual and Costa Maya, Mexico

Last week and I think this week Spring Breakers are coming to Costa Maya on cruise ships,  last week we had a bunch of French Canadians on spring break on the cruise ships and other people from the USA down here on spring break.  272 more words

Pictures of Cruise Ships from my Roof.

A lot of times when it is cloudy or the wind is blowing hard and a cruise ship is expected in town, I climb up to my roof to see if a ship is docked before i get on my bike and ride into work.  37 more words

Tabasquena, One of My Lunch Places in Mahahual

A lot of people get off the cruise ships here and ask me, “We want to get some authentic Mexican food like the locals eat where can we go/”  They ask me where I eat a lot, and I tell them, you would not the places I eat, too far off the beaten path.  281 more words