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In Pie We Trust

Tess added a pinch of lavender into the bowl as she stirred. A quick glance at the old train station clock over the front door told her that Johnna would be in any minute to open the shop. 793 more words

Real Fiction

Even Steven

Late afternoon light spilled into the modest living room through the open door. Monty, who lay napping in the sunny spot, was probably taking Claire’s sudden death harder than anyone. 742 more words

Real Fiction

I miss you

Yesterday, someone sang this song … “Omana thingal kidaavo … ”  and tears started rolling down my eyes. Whenever I get reminded of you, I push your thoughts away. 495 more words

Real. Fiction.

Thengaai, Maangai and We?

My mom would fetch me from school every day till I turned ten. On our way back, she would get me something to eat or drink. 297 more words

Real. Fiction.

True Calling & Higher Purpose of Living

Like how some people say they have a true calling in life or some greater purpose, I believe Sarees, yep you read it right.. Sarees have a calling. 410 more words

Real. Fiction.


On a regular day, this happens.

The Dude : Achu…get up

Me : 5 minutes, please.

(10 minutes later)

The Dude : Achu, its time. Get up. 153 more words

Real. Fiction.