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PSA For TreeJoodice! Learn A Skill To Make $$$ While Doing Time!

This is the second is a series of PSAs aimed at assisting TreeJoodice to assimilate into her new surroundings…

What would happen to  TreeJoodice if her prison commissary account dries up?   527 more words


The NJ Subhumans Make Reunion Predictions...

Who will be the Housewife whom the other subhumans think has the most explainin’ to do at the reunion?  It’s Amber!  Poor Tree… can’t even blurt out a simple cliche! 134 more words


Why is TeRESA Mad at Teresa and Amber?

I really don’t understand the RHONJ Bravo Blogs this week. The twins seem to be mad a Teresa and Amber. This seems off to me. They didn’t ask Victoria Gotti to tell them the crazy rumor about Rino and his mother- in-law. 422 more words

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Santa in the Bush

A hush falls over the fresh, crisp white snow in front of the Goo-boo-chay mansion.  Teresa is stirring about, trying to carry-on her normal routine by getting the girls ready for school when tragedy strikes!  1,152 more words

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