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Stories Are Everywhere

Stories are everywhere!

Really, they are! This last weekend, I took a trip down south to visit some family with my sister and my grandparents. We were headed down to see cousins that we see maybe once a year, and it’s always a treat when we do. 676 more words

Real Life

Just Outta College

In this day and age, its getting more and more difficult to find a decent job, so that you may put that bachelors degree to good use! 48 more words

Bachelors Degree

Homeschool: parts of a pumpkin

Parts of a Pumpkin

We introduced this after reading a few books about pumpkins. We had a real pumpkin to observe. We discussed the textures and made predictions. 221 more words


Our Trip to Texas (Fall 2014)- In Pictures

We had so much fun visiting Gigi and Papa at their home in Spring Branch, TX! We made the trip as a surprise to my father-in-law for his 60th Birthday. 267 more words

Real Life

October wherefore art thou?

With the Autumn well and truly upon us I’m back in the university bubble for the fourth and final time. As I face what’s left of my final year part of me is rushing it through in my head, the holiday I’m already starting to plan for next June, the Pre-registration pharmacist job I’ve already secured, life after university is becoming an all too real concept, but (and it’s a big but) there is a huge part of me desperately clinging to the ivory tower world that is University. 145 more words

Holiday home from hell.

I could have told them right there and then that they had a problem with drugs, though I presumed that they already knew. The bottles of cheap cider overflowing from the metallic dustbin in the bathroom must have spoke volumes about the alcohol intake at least. 5,689 more words


This week's update

A couple of days late but for a good cause.   Well *laughs* I gained back 2 of the 3 lbs I lost last week but it was a rough week so can’t say I’m surprised.   277 more words