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I’ve said “I need coffee” at least four times since we got up.


We stop a Wawa for gas.

You come out with a cup of coffee. 30 more words


Saturday Of Noodles

Black Saturday, as it were, passed without much fuss.  It could have been any other weekend for me, except for the fact that this time around, my sister and her husband finally decided to use the Taiwan noodles that my mother sent a while back for lunch.   83 more words

Personal Thoughts

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Here’s Day number 5…thanks for reading everyone who has!  5. 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex

Ok…let’s see if I can do. 176 more words

Take a Chance on Me...

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

The biggest chance I ever took…. now there’s a judgement call!


Preschool: 1, Me: None.

Working on articulation and grammar with preschoolers, you really never know what you’re going to get.

(Insert Forrest Gump reference here.)

I have a Not-So-Little-Guy working on colors and labeling.   48 more words

Real Life

George Washington: Library Deadbeat

Last week I shared with you my debacle with the local library: fines and a lost book. Yikes! After doing a little reading this week, however, I don’t feel quite as loser-ish. 197 more words


BABSCon ahoy!

So, tomorrow, my roommate and I will be attending this, and it will be pretty much my first fan con ever. I never did make it to any Trek conventions, despite my longtime fandom of that franchise. 92 more words