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An accounting of days

Good morning, Kathy. It’s Thursday.

With any luck I am basking in sunshine on a beach up the coast as you read this and not sitting in my tent avoiding the rain. 1,099 more words

Random Shit

Looking That Waistline Monster In The Face

There was a concern that it was going to rain, so I took an umbrella with me to work.  Turned out to be an ill-founded worry, as we mostly had sunny skies for the rest of the day.  203 more words

Personal Thoughts

Book1: Page 8

I decided to sit and watch the proceedings for sometime before making an entry (my favourite part). So there I was in the last row, trying to understand what the woman wanted and what mistakes were being made by the contestants. 139 more words


What do you call someone obsessed with a Hikikomori?

Definition – Hikikomori – (In Japan) the abnormal avoidance of social contact, typically by adolescent males.

A person who avoids social contact

I am convinced that our upstairs neighbour is a hikikomori but I’ve become almost obsessed with her life in a way, which is possibly unhealthy and is certainly reminiscent of some sort of Hitchcock film plot.

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Reading, Writing, Tea, and Dogs

I sit on the couch with my legs pull up. I hold the book on crows I’m reading for novel research, propping it against my knees. 166 more words


Post-TV Debut Reflections

It happened.

I did what I have been longing to do since I was 5 years old and that was to be on television for longer than 3 seconds. 266 more words

A White-Collar Marriage

This morning I woke up, again alone in bed.  I crawled out of bed, grabbed a pair of  capris I wore the other day that were hardly dirty, rummaged through my closet and threw on a shirt.  690 more words