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10 Things I Learned This Week (so far).

  1. Although a friend of mine claims sparkly glitter makes everything better, that is not the case when you spill a whole bottle on your studio desk. 
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Didn't See This Coming...

Well, now I have a cold. It was totally unexpected, too. I woke up, today feeling mostly fine, sneezed a bit, but though it was normal, and went back to sleep, only to wake up, and sneeze once again as soon as I was up. 699 more words

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Here's Another One

If I fall asleep while writing this, someone come over to my house and take over for me, and make it entertaining and stuff, k? K. 426 more words


Hey everyone!!

Hey guys! I am SOOO sorry I haven’t been on SSO much. 😭 Middle school is tiring and. We finally got our lockers today (And I don’t have to share!) and when we didn’t have then I was lugging all my books and stuff around with me in a string bag. 33 more words


A little bit of vulnerable

Last week I had one of those lonely-hearted moments. You know the ones that totally sneak up on you in a kind of blind-sighting way and leave you feeling exposed and sad and a little bit ridiculous all at the same time?They don’t happen to me very often, and so when they do I tend to get a little overwhelmed… My entire adult life, I’ve been a fiercely independent, introverted soul, so when I occasionally have those vulnerable moments of lonely-heartedness it always takes me by surprise. 2,515 more words

Little Random Things


Today, the Organization for Transformative Works (see my “Pornography” page for more info) announced that it is “partnering with the EFF, io9, Wattpad, The Baker Street Babes, The Harry Potter Alliance, and Southeastern Browncoats to sponsor… 272 more words


I look down at this little creature I love so dearly. She’s skinny and struggling to eat but she’s still strong somehow.
I think back to when this all started. 220 more words