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Feliç Sant Jordi!

Heute ist Welttag des Buches, weil Shakespeare, weil Cervantes, weil Josep Pla, weil eh schon wissen. Heute ist Sant Jordi und mein Herz blutet einmal mehr weil ich hier bin und nicht dort, weil heute überall… 193 more words


Hello beautiful readers!

- My makeup of the day was all about being nekkid. Okay JK people. I used a nude colour palette for my face. 259 more words

Real Life With Roxy

I Send My Kid to School... And Then I Start to Pray

By Jam

Every morning bright and early, I put my son on a bus that takes him to school. I pray for his safety as I watch him step up into the bus with his backpack in tow. 812 more words

Real Life

Why would someone ever think its a good idea to crawl up in the wheel well of an airplane to go somewhere? That A does not sound very inviting and B sounds like a lot of work for a really low chance of surviving. 238 more words

On Happiness

I just finished All Joy and No Fun, by Jennifer Senior, and let me tell you, I learned a thing or two (or five, or ten).  97 more words

Sunshine And Rainbows

"it takes a life to learn how to live"

(quote by Jonathan Safran Foer)

When Chinese New Year happened back in January, my roommate cruelly reminded me that as people born in the year of the horse, this would be the year we all turn 24. 599 more words


Missed Connections and Misconceptions

Welcome back, readers.

Firstly, my apologies for the length of time it took me to write another post. There are no excuses! And there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of stories within my place of employment. 775 more words