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Economic Forum with Ali Velshi

The Economic Planning Board for Ontario (EPBO) is pleased to present an Economic Forum featuring Ali Velshi, Host of Al Jazeera America’s Nightly Business Series, Journalist and published author. 75 more words


The Golden Age Of Our Times… Is The Age Of Gold

by Koos Jansen, In Gold We Trust:

We first established in January 2013 the need to resolve the problem of the international monetary system, and its absolute priority. 185 more words

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Fundamentals Always Win!

Source: MilesFranklin.com, by Andy Hoffman

This weekend, a long-time reader – and silver holder – wrote the following…

If silver is so precious, and the ‘artificial’ price so low, than how come it’s not out of circulation yet?   144 more words

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China Goes Dark: PBOC To Keep Goldbugs Clueless About Its Gold Buying Spree

Submitted by Tyler Durden

Now that everyone is breathing down the PBOC’s neck to finally reveal – with a five year delay – just how much gold it does hold, the Chinese central bank has done a U-turn on its indirect transparency and, as Reuters reports, has begun allowing gold imports through its capital Beijing, sources familiar with the matter said, “ 92 more words

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The Empty Vaults of London

Source: TF Metals Report

With the price smashes of the past few weeks, the increasing desperation of the bullion banks seems palpable.

First, a recap (and don’t click the “play” button on the podcast player just yet)… 126 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


The stock market has become a get rich scheme, and that is dangerous. Now for the most part, it’s seemingly based on speculation and not on production of real good which should equal real money or income.

Press’ anti-gold scare tactics largely ineffective

Source: USAGold, by Michael J. Kosares

Under normal circumstances, I might let a rutty headline about gold in the Financial Times pass without much notice. I say “rutty” because the Financial Times has long been stuck in a rut as one of the principle apologists for Keynesian economics — big banks, big deficits, big governments and powerful central banks. 151 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies