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What is Real Property?

What is Real Property?

Real property is a blanket term used to define 4 things:
1) Land
2) That which is affixed to the land… 600 more words


The ins and outs of real property profitability

While it remains the poster child for long-term passive profits, real property investment requires a lot of work and forethought to achieve lasting gains. Not all investment opportunities are for everyone; some real property investments lose value over time compared with others, while others have too high of a startup cost to adequately maintain for all but the most high-capital of investors. 237 more words

Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common? - An Important Consideration When Buying a Property

When two or more people purchase a property it is necessary for them to decide, at the time of entering into the Contract, whether to purchase the property as joint tenants or tenants in common. 587 more words

Estate Planning

Can Brokers Put a Lien on Real Property for Payment of Commission?

You are the listing agent, and the seller decides to dispute the amount of your commission or breaches the listing agreement and fails to pay your earned commission.  451 more words

When Should I Make Changes to my Will?

We understand just how uncomfortable it can be to give much thought to your own mortality. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to put your discomfort aside in order to do the right thing, which, in this case, is setting up an Estate Plan. 604 more words

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