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Heckerling 2015

Earlier this month over 3,000 estate planning professionals comprised of Attorneys, Financial Planners, CPAs, Trust Administrators and others gathered in Orlando, Florida for the nation’s leading estate planning conference, the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning.  135 more words


The NJ Foreclosure Timeline

If you’ve missed even one mortgage payment, your lender could potentially start the foreclosure process against you. It’s not likely that just one missed payment will trigger foreclosure proceedings, but it is possible. 633 more words

Real Property

LegalZoom Power of Attorney is Legally Inadequate

This column first appeared in the SA Express-News and it MySA website on January 20, 2015.

Dear Mr. Premack: I am considering taking a home equity loan for extra cash. 700 more words


Will I Lose Everything if I File for Bankruptcy?

A common misconception is that filing for bankruptcy means you will lose all of your personal property in exchange for wiping your debts clean. Unfortunately, this causes some people to drag their heels about filing a bankruptcy petition, leading them into deeper and deeper piles of debt. 496 more words


2015 - CUKAI LHDN untuk pendapatan rumah sewa

Penghujung 2014, admin telah menerima satu surat dari LHDN mengenai TAX untuk semua sewaan rumah sewa! Akibat tidak mengistiharkan pendapatan sewa 2014, denda sebanyak RM 3,XXX.XX telah diterima dari LHDN. 67 more words

Rumah Sewa

Can I Transfer Nonexempt Assets Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

During a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding in New Jersey, your non-exempt assets will be liquidated (sold) in order to  repay the money that you owe creditors, thus wiping your debts clean and giving you the ability to start over financially. 577 more words


You keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means. - Inigo Montoya

Recently, a client came to me requesting assistance in a land dispute.  Shortly before coming to my office, she noticed people using an old, winding dirt path across her property to access a tract directly south of hers. 658 more words