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How to File for Bankruptcy and Keep Your Home

Many people who are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt have probably considered the option of filing for bankruptcy. Those who are hesitant are many times hung up on one detail or another that keeps them from moving forward with the bankruptcy process. 408 more words


Actions to Take when Moving to Texas

Dear Mr. Premack: We are going to be moving my father to Texas. My mother passed away. My father owns a home in another state. None of us want him to sell his home, but he will become a Texas resident and will not be using or living in the former house. 763 more words

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Am I Legally Responsible for My Late Husband's Debts?

Grieving the loss of a spouse is one of the most stressful periods of anyone’s life, because unfortunately the surviving widow(er) often has much more to deal with than simply grief. 479 more words

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Deadline for Real Property Programs

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 is the deadline for three real property programs. Persons wishing to participate should submit the required documentation prior to the deadline. 138 more words

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Home Ownership & Student Loan Debt: How They're Connected

Applying for a mortgage loan is akin to putting all of your financial cards on the table. Because the amount being borrowed is so high (in most cases), lenders will scrutinize all of your money decisions with a fine tooth comb. 568 more words

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If I File for NJ Bankruptcy, Will I Lose My Car?

Just the idea of filing for bankruptcy in NJ can be truly exhausting and stressful. Add in all the questions that come up along the way, and you have a recipe for massive confusion. 577 more words