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Real Talk

A few days ago, I heard a co-worker of mine say she doesn’t snack because she “already eats poorly enough as it is” and I went on, for about twenty minutes, about how snacking is the greatest thing to happen to our lives and I’m about to do the same thing right here HELLO RUN ON SENTENCE!! 483 more words

Real Talk

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball and knocked the wind out of you? Well, that pretty much sums up my first real job experience. 546 more words


inspiration without comparison

“I can be inspired by my friends [...] without having to replicate their journey.”

This quote leaped out at me when I read Courtney Carver’s “ 331 more words


Simply Orange

They want something for nothing. You give them everything thing and they still want more… some people are just rude, selfish, inconsistent, and inconsiderate… When you present them with the same behavior, they are truly offended, but fail to realize they are dealing with a reflection of their actions… “I’m an orange moon… reflecting the light of the sun”(Badu ;-) )… Hah! 19 more words


Aren't rules meant to be broken?

It looks like to succeed in today’s world, there are many rules you have to comply with. ‘Do this’, ‘don’t do that’, ‘avoid this’ and so on. 574 more words

Real Talk

Just keep going...

July 2014

When I first started my fitness journey back in January, I’d always intended so share my progress here on a regular basis. So that I could look and say, “Look at how great I am! 464 more words