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You Are God's Representative In Your Life, Meaning You Have Worth.

This might sound a little off, but did you know that how you treat yourself is how you actually treat God?  This is because, in case you were not aware , that  we are God’s representative in our lives.   388 more words

Miryamme Ogutu Inspiring

When Depression Kicks In (An Open Letter)

I had never admitted that there really is something wrong with me until few months ago. It is funny how we won’t believe in something we already know, until we actually hear it from another person. 492 more words


Lily Myers - "Shrinking Women"

Thank you for speaking your truth Lily Myers.
Brains Blown. Heart Hugged.


How Coachella Changed My Life

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. But, looking back on what I now fondly refer to as ‘the best weekend ever’, I find myself much improved after my tryst in the desert. 1,188 more words


The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: #1 The Last Of Us

Mo Chocolate Reviewed The Last of us giving it a perfect score. Reason being, this game pushes the envelope in storytelling. Big time.



READERS:  I’m an unstable writer with poor nutrition and deadlines breathing down my back so these little excerpts of grammatical horror will most likely NOT be double-checked for dumb sounding sentences, character errors, and more!
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