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There are far too many chances in life to do what makes you happy, and far to few of us who take them.

- Me


A Prayer for Faith

Father, help me to trust you. You are calling me into deeper things than I’ve ever entered before and I’m terrified. I feel like I’m jumping off the biggest cliff and this time there’s no safety net. 161 more words


Real Talk

Two positive “Real Talk” topics in a row?! WHO AM I? That’s how passionate I am about what I will discuss this week, and how I’m constantly stunned when I meet someone who isn’t a hyper fan of it because… 533 more words

Real Talk

Not so small anymore

So…lately I’ve been walking in the halls of my high school, watching faces blur by, and smiling occasionally at people I make eye contact with. I wouldn’t say I’m popular, but I’m not completely invisible, you know? 278 more words

Casual Racism: mixed race babies

Said it once, I’ll say it again: mixed race babies have been around for a long time. Dating/fucking/breeding with a different race will not end racism. 458 more words

Public Service Announcement

5 Clutter Clearing tips

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I am a bit of a clutter clearing fanatic. I think this is because of my parents. There aren’t candidates for Hoarders or anything but the following things do exist in my parents house: 1,249 more words

Real Talk

So very tired

So i totally wanted to post this in the moment, but the moment happened to be 2:10 am this morning and i was TIRED.  I don’t know of any other retailer where you have to stay until almost 2am to clean the store (side note: my shift started at 1pm).  438 more words