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Rising From the Ashes of Despair

Ok, perhaps despair is overdoing it, but I must admit to being somewhat crushed after my lifelong (adult life!) desire for Scottish independence came up short. 529 more words

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America's Problem with ISIS

The rise of any militant or radical Muslim entities in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, or Egypt is largely due to the actions of America itself.  Even the group known as Al Qaeda is a faction that America is responsible for in establishing training camps for Muslim resistance to the Russian military after it invaded Afghanistan. 111 more words

Socail Commentary

Re-taking the hardest step. The first one.

Bob Ross once said “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you are willing to practice, you can do.” While growing up I always had a small knack for artwork and design, I liked creating cool things with my hands out of thin air and making them a reality. 669 more words

Red Bottle, Green Cap, Very Spicy.

A Right To An Opinion

Lotsa folks opine on the Internet, Facebook, blogs, et al.

One of the best things about this Nation is our right to free speech – to speak our mind, regardless. 270 more words


Scotland Has Spoken

…and it has said ‘No‘ to the offer of independence. In the end it wasn’t that close; well, closer than most would have predicted a month ago, but in the last three weeks there seemed to be a genuine chance of a ‘Yes’ vote. 522 more words

Real World

Date Night

In the queue: Jimmy Eat World and All-American Rejects with a dash of Adele in the mix.

Words written: zero. (I thought it’d look better spelled out … I was wrong.) But I did make it through about 10K first draft edits, so that’s something. 540 more words

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