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To Teach Myself

In theory, you spend between a quarter and a fifth of your natural born life sitting in classrooms, learning prescribed information that is supposed to make you smarter, and molding your mind into various configurations and formations until you can be reasonably expected to produce some semblance of rational thought. 545 more words

My Life

{ #Ferguson} Eerie Similarities: Like The Shooting of TRAYVON MARTIN, The [Supposed] Audio of MIKE BROWN's Actual Shooting Has Surfaced

The supposed (suppose-ed) recording of the actual gunshots fired by the officer that killed 18 year-old Mike Brown on the afternoon of Saturday August 9, has surfaced. 456 more words

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Judging Knowledge and Character

As most of you know, I was employed at the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  I would help customers on a daily basis and at least one customer would fuss at me for their problems.  405 more words

9:24 (The Transition)

No longer a boy,
But not necessarily a man yet.
Untucked shirts,
and canvas sneakers.
Soon turn into daily suits,
and wing-tip shoes.
Calculus homework, 101 more words



Light quivers through the darkness as the sound of a door slamming echos within’ my mind, shapes twisting and turning before fading into an empty darkness, as the field burns vibrant red before leading into a beautiful panoramic ending, The sun shrinks before vanishing, as i’m catapulted into oblivion, millions of emotional pieces scattered around each labeled important, speaking native tongue to each other. 59 more words

Is it real or just a dream.

Explore the dream realm with your awakened state of mind, realize your forsaken shaded sides and figure out the answers of the other side of time. 19 more words

Life, So many little flavors.

So many randomly assorted sample-flavors of overly difficult, real world, personal life choices on such a small delicate, probably plastic, plate; I’ll just have to save my favorite mouth watering, delicious looking ones for last! 9 more words