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The Real World

As my departure to Seattle gets closer and closer, I’m getting a lot of comments from people saying “you’re gonna be in the real world, now that you’re out of high school.” This got me thinking, what constitutes as the “real world”? 294 more words


This blog is about the life and adventures of me: a 20-something woman living in Denver. I will be the star of my own story, though I assure you, I am no star. 207 more words


Why Isn't There An "How to Be an Adult" Class in High School? | Daily Prompt

There’s a difference between getting older and actually becoming an adult. A productive member of society as my Mom would say. I’ve actually had this conversation recently with other 20 something year olds that aren’t where they thought they would be at this point in their lives. 483 more words

Daily Prompt

Give Back Where You Live! Very Important!

How many pairs of shoes do you own in your closet? You might not even know because you have so many! This is normal for all of us. 237 more words

Real World Cancun's CJ Koegel on American Ninja Warrior

Recently I’ve started watching the show American Ninja Warrior. As I watch the show I can’t help but think that some of the Challengers would be a perfect fit for a competition like this. 124 more words

Real World

The Light at the End of the Black Hole

Being away from Michigan this summer has not only taught me new social and street skills, diagnosed me with a whooping case of Wanderlust, but also, knowledge about myself. 771 more words

branding, HR, and the customer experience

Want to build your company’s brand? Give a close look at your HR department.

That’s not how we typically approach it, is it? There are a ton of articles on branding, but far too many that discuss it as though it’s a separate activity, as though it’s a shiny bit of chrome that gets bolted on to make the company look nice. 528 more words