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new year and exciting happenings

Well happy new year to you all, we had a rather protracted start to 2015, our household was stricken with flu in the first week of the year and then we’ve been so busy trying to get to grips with the new working year and organise our house ready for our baby’s arrival in a few weeks. 152 more words


"Six Limericks About Six People Who Were a REAL Help"

My first was a girl named Miss Lorde,

She often scribbled onto a board.

But one day. I held her hand,

Discussed the death I demand, 170 more words


"Real Desires."


  1. To run through an open field, hug the ground, embrace the fall.
  2. To sit in a tree, one whose roots decay as it touches the top of a vertical hill.
  3. 252 more words


Flames that flicker, fuck
Nature in nine ways, never
A fallen phoenix.

Blow the clouds away,
Paint pictures, poems, to display,
You need nothing else. 29 more words


"Fun Games To Play With Your Child" by Lily Lineheart

We all know the standard games to educate our children: mathematical games like leap frog or language games such as eye spy. But, did you know? 307 more words


Waiting Room

I was in the doctor’s waiting room, about to face one of my biggest fears. Anxious. Tears were close. I started looking around, distracting myself to avoid a public meltdown. 143 more words


You are braver than I could dream to be

You, my dear, mean a lot to me

You are quite beautifully inspiring

All I feel when I’m with you is free, happy, me… 69 more words