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and so this is love...

And so here it is…

I have finally felt it. A feeling so real, so raw, so genuine that it scared me. It scared me so much that it actually made me cry. 203 more words

It feels like love.

I told him this yesterday, something along the lines of, “Imagine coming across something (or someone) unexpectedly, and it draws you in. It just gets your attention. 277 more words


The real day García Márquez died

The sun didn’t blast it’s
incomprehensible martyr until noon.
We went to
the zoo to drive, to walk, to see something
Animals were both
comfortable and miserable… 155 more words

Chuvora Real Irish Four Leaf Clover, Symbol of Good Luck, Half Moon Pendant Necklace

The Four Leaf Clover is a universally accepted symbol of good luck with its origin ages old. It is not only beautiful and rare but every leaf has a unique shape and color. 35 more words


Baby I’m tired of making appearances
I’m sick of dressing
I’d lose my mind
Before I lost my composure
And you radiate
Let your body go… 154 more words

August Alsina "Testimony" : Album Review

August Alsina is one of very few R&B singers that can be considered a “realist”, that’s experienced hardship and won’t allow fame to change him. He’s a fresh breath of air bringing originality and a unique blend of concepts to his songs. 394 more words

Secrets Whistler CR70 LaserRadar Detector with Real Voice Alerts

There is also a Filter mode that can easily distinguish a signal that is coming from either a legitimate police officer as well as a fake police officer with the Whistle feature. 288 more words