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Happy Easter…. I hope everyone is feeling as well-rested and chocolate-filled as I am! I’ve been staying with my parents for the Easter long weekend and an interesting thought has come to me since been home… … 726 more words


The Dream

Sunlight glints upon my face
As God does smile on human race
And I do laugh and shout and scream
At this, my best and worst of dreams



There will be times you’ll feel alone.
You’ll come back to your home
Town, but the streets won’t carry
The same gravity that they did when you were… 23 more words




i havent been sleeping well, waking up in the night.

i havent been digesting well.

i dont feel hungry.

the system needs cleansing. 96 more words


Koh Tao

So today I realised that I’ve been putting off a lot of important stuff. That life stuff that life is full of:

- Replying to emails… 315 more words


Planning, planning, prep and change

So yesterday I changed direction. I’ve spent the last year chopping, changing and most of all, worrying. Having spent the last 4 years heading towards a professional career in Law, I’m taking the leap outta there. 121 more words


Who is my enemy?

I love you

but why do you hate me soo much?

I do my best to please you

but you stab my back

You tell me im ugly… 258 more words