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Simply cloud castles
While who is out or in there
To decide The Real?

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Sacred Solitude

There is a sacred solitude within the oneness of the Universe

Religion And Spirituality

25 July 2014 2:17pm

Im one of those strange people that enjoys bruises, I like having them, they’re a fond memory of a time when you hurt for a bit but you had fun doing it. 241 more words


You break yourself
To make yourself.
We hate to know what love feels like.
We jump to realise the fall.

Is more like a call. 94 more words



It has taken me 17 years to figure this out, people have told me time and time again but I guess I never took the time to listen to what they were actually saying. 294 more words

Honest people DO EXIST!

    We live in a world of thugs. If you are not careful, you are most likely to be cheated by someone. Many say that good and honest people have almost become extinct.  349 more words


Drama Queen or Realistic Reaction

I often struggle to define a realistic or appropriate reaction compared with people just being a “drama queen”, and I am starting to see that really depends who is saying or doing something. 635 more words

Thats How I Feel