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Review: Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Making Money by Tommy Greenwald

Charlie Joe Jackson, the most reluctant reader ever born, made it his mission in the first book to get through middle school without reading a single book from cover to cover.

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My Brother Charlie

Bibliographic Information: Robinson Peete, H. and Elizabeth Peete, R. (2010). My Brother Charlie. New York: Scholastic Press.

Brief Annotation: “Charlie has autism. His brain works in a special way. 199 more words

Realistic Fiction

Kids Like Us!

Bibliographic Information: Lexa, M. Kids Like Us! New York: Viking, 2008. Print.

Brief Annotation: Outside it is gray and rainy, but inside the classroom, the dress-up box has just been opened. 64 more words

Ivy & Bean

Bibliographic Information: Barrows, A., & Blackall, S. (2006). Ivy Bean: Book 1. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.

Brief Annotation: The moment they saw each other, Bean and Ivy knew they wouldn’t be friends. 141 more words

Realistic Fiction

Seed by Lisa Heathfield

(Cover picture courtesy of Goodreads.)

All that Pearl knows can be encapsulated in one word: Seed. It is the isolated community that she was born into.

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River's Quickie Review #5

Title: Sublime by Christina Lauren (October 14th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)

Synopsis: When Lucy walks out of a frozen forest, wearing only a silk dress and sandals, she isn’t sure how she got there. 784 more words

The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider


Schneider, Robyn. The Beginning of Everything. New York: Katherine Tegen Books, 2013. Print. ISBN 978-0-06-221713-4. Hardback. $17.99.

Annotation: Ezra Faulkner’s life changes after a car accident ruins his athletic career and he meets the intriguing new girl Cassidy Thorpe. 181 more words

Realistic Fiction