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The Tortoise Approach

When I started singledevotion last July, I set a goal to publish two posts per month. Since I have a lot of “archived” writing from my pre-blog days, I thought it would be realistic to write one new post each month and if needed, fill the other slot with some “recycled” material that has never been shared online. 451 more words


Dear Santa...

I remember my “dear Santa” days as a kid. I don’t think my requests went quite like this though. Lol. The funny part is that a lot of people really do have unrealistic ways of thinking. 37 more words

Tied to a goal

Way back 2012 (as far as I can remember), I started to set a GOAL. A personal goal on work, time, money, health and other matter. 199 more words


Why Do I Need Goals?

I’m in constant competition with myself .

- Sonya Teclai


Hey guy c: I found a website that I found was great at explaining about goals, why they should be set, and how to set them. 39 more words


Set A Goal For Yourself

Low aim, not failure, is the crime.

- Bruce Lee

This week is all about Setting Goals for yourself.

To be an efficient runner you must set goals for yourself even if they are simply to finish practice, to run 2 miles today, set goals for yourself and then aim to surpass them. 76 more words


The Best YOU is Enough!

Have you ever felt like who you are and how you live isn’t good enough? Do you have some internal picture in your head of how you should look and live? 831 more words

Making Goals Work, Part 2

Last week we talked about the importance of making goals real. I really do believe with all of me that we ought to dream big and have very unrealistic goals so that we can reach for the stars, but within that process, we must have real attainable goals all along the way. 435 more words