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Portland OR Michael Brown March: Portland Police, Are You Going to Protect and Serve?

Protests (violence and mayhem) may be easing in Ferguson, MO due to snow and fatigue, but in Portland, Oregon the streets continue to devolve into violence and hooliganism.

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of adversity

Your grace,
not mine.
this i must
keep in mind.

Reality Bites

So, this is happening.

Over the past few years, I have had the distinct pleasure of watching my mind, spirit, and physical self stitch themselves together from a mindless, barely intelligible state into something at least able to interact in polite society. 281 more words

Reality Bites

On Leaving and Staying

I have at least one friend who asks me about my plans and for the reasons behind them. Last night, he asked me why I was considering church membership but wasn’t sure yet. 124 more words

Reality Bites

Reality bites - when your teenager slaps you with it

Dear reader,

Its normally me and my kids and today is no exception and over the years we have built what can only be termed as a healthy yet unhealthy bond between us. 395 more words

home is

when you are home,
so am i.

Reality Bites



No really (hahaha), No really (hahaha), No really (hahaha)

Tap-tap-tap,  Tap-tap-tap

Woohoo,  Woohoo, Woohoo,  Oe-Oe, Oe-Oe

I am being attacked by sound and no matter how much I tell myself that  “I am the one giving the sounds meaning” or to “breathe and just ignore them” I can’t help but feeling like the man in the painting. 642 more words