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Monkey with a jug, or, how to teach history

When William Stubbs resigned his professorship in Oxford in 1884, he published a selection of his lectures. In a strikingly honest preface he admitted that lecturing had been a burden to him and he had consented to lecture only because the university statutes had required this of him twice a year. 1,752 more words

Proper Historian

Plugged In - My Music, My Life


Being an introvert, most of the time I spent in childhood revolved around studies, sketching, writing amateur poems and fictional stories. One man who influenced my childhood was my grandfather – “Bapu” as we used to call him was a Reader in Physics department of a well known college in Lucknow. 1,270 more words

Reality Bites

Life is a m*therf*ckin' bastard.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Life sucks. Life is a bitch. Life is one gigantic bully.

Life guides you up a pedestal then pulls away the chair just before you can finally sit down and admire all the things you’ve gone through. 328 more words


"If I'm not married with kids by the time I'm 30, kill me."

It is very strange to think that I’ve been out of high school for 10 years. I mean, as it should I suppose. I imagine, to anyone it seems strange. 597 more words

31 Frightful Films - #7 Sinister

Last night we watched Sinister, a 2012 film starring 90’s anti-hero Ethan “What’s my glitch?” Hawke. He plays a writer of fiction that no one reads, textbooks that pay the bills, and one true crime book that gave him 15 minutes of fame. 382 more words



Southern California is not known for its changing seasons but they do. Like anyplace else, even here the Fall makes things fall.  The sun is lower on the horizon, the trees begin shedding their leaves, and even the temperature begins to lower so that we have to pull out a sweater in the evenings, possibly even a jacket (it’s true).   628 more words