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Do you know why...

… relationships fail?

It’s because they weren’t meant to be in the first place. They keep pushing the wrong key at the wrong door.

Reality Bites

Do you know why...

…people face the same problem again and again?

It’s because they fail to learn something from it. Or they refuse to.

Reality Bites

IMPORTANT: Heed warnings. Traffic lights are not there for nothing.

Reality Bites

Day 11 (v.2)


- It finally feels like spring! I didn’t wear socks today! WE ARE GETTING THERE!


- I have been using a “feminine cycle calendar” (it’s a period tracker) on my iPad and the app just updated and now has more hilarious features than ever. 423 more words

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Food and Music, Salvation and Worship

For the past three years, I have been celebrating my birthday with the beach mission team and each year, the guys would perform one or two songs by the Backstreet Boys for me. 1,420 more words

Reality Bites

You and me and five bucks.

-Sunt fericiţi oamenii care măsoară succesul în bani şi proprietăţi?
Sunt convins că este foarte dificil de oferit un răspuns la o asemenea întrebare, atâta timp cât fericirea este o stare profund personală şi subiectivă, ceea ce face aproape imposibilă cartografierea unui traseu bine stabilit care să ducă la obţinerea ei. 2,577 more words

De Suflet.

To the Selfish You, Love Bode Farewell

You may be eager to know who the ‘you’ in the title is. Or perhaps, you too know someone who don’t appreciate others and regard nobody but their very own selves. 1,898 more words

Reality Bites