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Pause and Rewind

I’m turning 26 tomorrow. That’s a quarter of a life (if I ever reach a hundred years old), down the drain. I have come to realize that there are so many stages in the first quarter of a person’s life, from infancy to puberty to young adulthood, and up to being a healthy, tax-paying young professional. 233 more words

Reality Bites

five favours to future-me

I have spent far too many years chasing the elusive title of Legit Adult™, rather than accepting that progress is a better goal than perfection. I’m doing my best to not compare myself to others (you know who you are, making it all look so easy to be a grown-up), and instead to just measure up to the former me. 1,331 more words

Reality Bites

My Desert Island, Top 3 Most Inspirational Female Characters in Cinema

Before we start, Clementine Kruczynski came too late. Margot Tenenbaum (another fragment) too late also. Frances Halladay far too late. Too late as in these characters – works of fiction assembled seemingly from the atoms and molecules of thin cranial air by some hacks in Hollywood – were a source of inspiration to my formative self. 1,176 more words

Anna Karina

The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Tolerance Argument

by KIT LANGE on JULY 25, 2014 at Victory Girls Blog

For years now, conservatives have been painted as bigots and homophobes.  We are intolerant.  We want to control everyone and everything and we are just horrible people who do nothing but hate.  157 more words


Disidentifying with Boyhood

In her last scene at the midpoint of Mad Men’s final season, a teenaged Sally Draper looks expectantly at the night sky. It’s July 1969. 1,475 more words

Feminist Music Geeks Go To The Movies

Reality Bites...

I stopped by at the Reality Bites cafe this morning.  I have never been in there before.  Not sure why, perhaps because it feels a bit tucked away in the Gables there.  224 more words



I hate blackouts. Blackouts made me think of you so much more; made me realize how this little ‘thing’ of ours will destroy me someday. I don’t know if I am lucky to feel this ‘thing’ from you or if I am miserable ’cause inside my deepest thoughts I know this ‘thing’ will be taken away from me. 143 more words

Reality Bites