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Behind the Scenes

Nothing is as simple as it appears. To most things in life there is a behind-the-scenes complexity that is known only to those intimately involved. 649 more words

Walking the Path of Life

Happy Easter Everyone! I pray that today the reality of what Jesus did on the cross will resonate deep within you! My deepest desire is that we all with “unveiled face” behold his image both individually and corporately that we might be transformed through this unveiling and go from glory to glory as we walk out this path through the realities of His unending grace. 513 more words


The Absolute Necessity of Easter

Death is all around us.

You’ve probably noticed that all living things on earth die.

First, there’s our bodies.

Our bodies are mortal–they age, get sick, are frail, and are subject to disease, to suffering, and to accidents. 698 more words

Humble Musings On Today's Culture

‘Heaven is for Real’ was inspired- 4 of 7

‘How can I say that the movie ‘Heaven is for Real’ was inspired by thoughts and comments I shared as a door greeter in the… 473 more words


Digital Street Eraser: Rubbing Out Reality, Photoshop-Fashion

Report by Urbanist, filed under Street Artwork & Graffiti in the Art group.

Analog stickering is taking on a new dimension in the hands of these street artists, a pair of creatives selectively defacing indicators, billboards, mailboxes, graffiti and much more. 10 more words

Daily Ideas

i'm breathless now, and it is all real to me.

i’m breathless now, and it is all real to me.

The moist air, laden with the smell of earth. Those silvereen images, laden with thoughts, images and a lot more. 242 more words


Just a thought…

Everybody wanted to look younger. In magazines, television, internet- it’s everywhere. They’re putting too much adds on how to get younger skin, younger blah-blah, this and that. 231 more words