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Random Thoughts: Admael's Edition: Worst B-Day (More Like D-Day for Drama Day) Ever

So, July 24th, 2014 struck at 12am and I was awake and talking to my lovely wife that was nice and enjoyable and all. Then the shit hit the fan. 280 more words


Day 351 - A Way Out Of Sadness (Speak On The Vision)

This is a two-in-one day blog. Maybe it will make up for the two days with no writing. Really I’m writing because I need to. This works better than praying and meditating, better than eating or dancing, better than spending time with folks or taking a walk… writing works better than anything for me to sort out my thoughts. 1,281 more words



I have been to a place
a place that has so profoundly changed me.
That I will be forever scarred

What I have seen
What I have felt and witnessed… 66 more words



I often wonder where I get my will to get out of bed and live. All seems pointless at the moment. I definitely thought my dreams are better than my reality. 65 more words


Unlawful love.

Often times I tell myself to just let people be. Let them make their mistakes, let them fall.

Perhaps there is a reason why Allaah would purposefully plant me amongst those who are much younger than I am. 243 more words


"But I am Afraid:" You Fear What Now? Part II

In the middle of the night when I come down from the clouds, I am afraid. I am afraid of the fear I should not contain. 209 more words

Real world experience

So what’s it like being an environmental volunteer in the developing world? I can only answer as to my experiences here in Peru, but the same things hold true in many other places. 870 more words