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Have you ever been so deep in a dream that it became real. You forgot about the outside world, you were somewhere new. You felt as though this had been your life all along. 108 more words


owning your reality

If you’ve been in a relationship with an addict for any length of time, your trust in your own reality is likely damaged. Why?

Addiction is shrouded in isolation and secrecy. 944 more words


What to do when you can't take one more step forward. . .

you take one more step anyway. That has been the last few days for me. Most of you know the story, but as I look back through my posts I realize that I never did get the story written and published here. 597 more words



Hello Readers,

You might like to check out articles from WeWorkMagazine which is described as a ‘new kind of publication for creators’. Find it at… 169 more words


What is Real?

Do you know what is real?
Is it dictated by what you can see,
by what you can feel?
How do you know
your mind is not deceiving you? 28 more words


The Real World

I now understand why I associate sadness with reality. You know when you’re sad and you start thinking “This is what the world is really like. 535 more words

Day 1(The 40 to my 20)

Sarahn Says – come on this 40-day journey with me! I must first apologize for my absence over the last month. Returning to school has been such a rollercoaster that I am now off of (after six weeks). 475 more words