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October 25 2014 - Silly School Girl

Sorry guys… I’m ranting tonight…

The longer I remain in my current relationship… the more I feel like a child. But… but, but, but… it’s not a bad thing. 1,787 more words


Diary Excerpts 16

I am from the Future.

I am from the Past.

The Present is an illusion.

I never was.

Poetry Post


I’ve been reading a ton of poetry posted here as well as on other sites. I love throwing poems in my reading mix whenever I don’t have the time or desire to read something that’s more than a few pages long at the time. 441 more words


close to midnight
traffic still passes windows
in their costumes

What's the use of a compass if you ain't got no map- stop running away

I’ve adapted to running away. From people who I thought were friends but turned out not to love me as I loved them, teachers who looked down upon me and even from my own family. 123 more words

It is what it is.

It has always been difficult for someone like me. To allow anyone in. To let go those I love so dearly. 56 more words


An Unfiltered Tour of Campus on Family Weekend

After almost two months of freedom missing my parents inconsolably, Family Weekend couldn’t have come sooner. I was so excited to see my parents, beg for Bear Bucks, and eat something other than the gourmet selection at the Ratty. 671 more words