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Reality Check

Welcome to the real world.

We have to take care of our planet. It is more important than oil, money, arms, greed, jealously, bigotry, injustice, hatred and war. 267 more words


Time is heavy on me.

What I want most is to not want anything at all. My heart desires nothing but you. My soul only longs for peace. My mind only runs after other intelligent minds. 85 more words


The Spiral

I am alone in my thoughts.

Not sure if I know where to turn or if I’m completely lost.

My mind has disintegrated.

My body dissociated. 56 more words

Creative Writing

Polystom - Adam Roberts (2003)

‘Amongst all his Uncle Cleonicles’ notions, his explanation for the stars has always seemed just too fanciful to be true to Polystom, fiftieth steward of Enting. 645 more words


Crazy (to say the least)

So I recently got into trashy reality television – I started three in the last week: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Married at First Sight… 533 more words


Reality and Imagination

Many quotes have been compiled by people that imagination looks real.
But truth is, reality and imagination have a lot of difference.
For example- I can tell you a lot of story about Lion; the beauty and beast inside a Lion, its character and description. 137 more words