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Lost And Alone

Lost and alone
within chosen zones 
of happiness
not surely condoned.
for chosen actions 
in the clear view 
of base reactions. 
Alone and lost  46 more words

I am perfect by design,
Flexible in the mind,
Beautiful in my
Mother’s eyes 
Bold in my father’s
Sexy and responsible in hers and in mine? 8 more words



There are times I feel the need to escape

A feeling to flee, a need to recreate

Something inside calls for release

Sticks in my mind and burrows its place… 90 more words


Trying so hard to converse.
Luring me back in with your charm.
It won’t work this time.
You used me.
Took me for granted.
I cried for you.

You had me.

"Callum" - Part 1 of "Tales from the Wilderness"

Callum ran down the hill, his jeans ripped and his shoulder bleeding. She’d hit him again, slapped him across the face and called him a useless piece of work. 896 more words

There's a little bit of magic everywhere.

When you love someone and they don’t love you back it hurts. The pain sometimes get’s too much to handle, but let’s face it this is the most common type of pain that people experience. 219 more words

Make a Decision

Recognizing what your mind is doing is the best way to change any situation.

When you notice what’s happening in your mind you can take steps to correct it. 263 more words