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‘Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.’ 7 more words

Written from the heart

This is all I can do, this is what I must be, this is my calling, this is the true me.

When I look back on what’s been a quite an incredible journey I find myself with somewhat disbelief in my mind again, it’s a thought I’ve encountered on so many occasions In the past, a thought that’s been tied in with an emotional connection that can hold you back for months or even years if you let it, and that thought is “Is this really happening”. 682 more words


Text messages
Missed phone calls
Dinner and a movie is fine
But dinner and breakfast is better

We’re either content with waiting to die
Or find the least painful way to kill ourselves… 129 more words

Personal Reality Creation

     Well, it turns out that your reality,

The One you perceive at any given moment

The One that dictates how and why you act the way you do…

819 more words

Imagination vs Reality

Do you ever just lay down, close your eyes and imagine the things you would/want to happen? I, for sure, guilty on that. I guess most of us does it. 53 more words

Living Journal