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Theory of Changelessness

Evolved Theories: This is a series of crystallized evolved thoughts which provide very effective lines for subtle contemplation! These are collected from ancient Upanishadic analysis of deep observations of various aspects of existence and their interpretations by great spiritual masters. 553 more words


Saturating with Rage

Tolerance slipping,
I am saturating with rage.
Anger’s burning hands
Are gripping my story
And ripping out each page.


loosing battle

I have the lowest IQ in durham.

I’m going to fail my course.  Thats a fact.

I’m going to disappoint so many people.

have to put a brave face on.

I have to stay strong.

“It’s said, that those who don’t sleep confuse reality with a dream.”

(found it on tumblr with the source removed)


Honesty and an outfit

 Hööks boots // Acne Studios jeans // Isabel Marant coat

Jeg har længe haft lyst til at skrive et mere åbenhjertet indlæg. Et indlæg med noget mere af mig, med flere af mine tanker og mindre forskønnende filtrer. 360 more words


O#1: achille heel - THE CHANCE TO WIN

2/30 The Chance to Win

Competition, friendly or not, is one of the healthiest ways to practice survival. It makes us pay attention to our opponents. 142 more words

Achilles Heel


My nightmares were


The daydreams were



4:13 PM

Vera Robinson @ 2014