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I think, therefore I am not

Why so obsessed with that head of yours?

Don’t you know you are not your thoughts?

In fact, you are not your body either - 12 more words

Poetry & Prose


Something happens.

You feel hurt.


Because you wrote a story

to wrap you up in misery

that isn’t even real.

Therein lies the tragedy.

- Renee Ryder

Poetry & Prose

There is no-thing to be done

no-where to go

no-one to please.

Only you to be

and to undo your beliefs -

the programs that divide you…

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Poetry & Prose


Ever curious about a quick, easy way to stop eating fast food?

Lose your job.

Actually, I’m pleased to report that my account was still on file with a school district that I was substitute teaching in last year. 77 more words

Daily Events

Forever Alive

The word “archive” has multiple functions as a word. It is a noun meaning a place in which records and files are saved and organized, digital or physical. 550 more words


Bee sting

Bee stung
A spot on a bun
A cheeky place
To bite my girl
You are just a bit
Of this play
Comic relief
In tiny pain
Between the laughs



Fraud. I’m a fraud. There is this thing called confidence. You know it. It’s one of those things that helps you get through life. Some people have too much of it. 893 more words