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Why Bible lovers reject Jesus


Religious people love the Bible because they think that salvation, eternal life, is in the Bible, in doing what is written in the Bible BUT doing so according to their own interpretation. 299 more words

After all, at its core, love is an action first, a statement second - thoughtcatalog.com

You Don’t Have To Be Broken To Be Loved



It’s the thing we bond over first and most. It’s almost embedded in our interactions, in the way we feel people out. 589 more words

My Thoughts


I have a million things I want to do with my lifetime and it makes me afraid I won’t be able to succeed at all of them. 6 more words


He gave me his world, I put it in my globe collection.

Quick Thoughts


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had this ongoing fantasy about selling all my things of any real value (my car) – or anything that anyone would ever want to buy of mine, no matter how small, for that matter – quitting whatever job I had at the time (or if I’m working my dream job, getting them to back me and publish the book that would inevitably come out of this adventure, because this is a fantasy after all), and traveling the world. 543 more words


We are all in this fast-moving Juggernaut of life with having no time for Rooting. Everything is in constant flux through sheer complexity of life and its own ways of manifestations of reality. 96 more words

12 Reasons Why “Flipping Out's” Jeff Lewis Is Perfection.

Few things bring me more joy (and profanity) than Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis and last week’s episode proves it. If you’ve never witnessed the man in action, prepare to meet your new BFF. 67 more words