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The Apprentice - Interviews

Dear Lord Sugar. I’d like to be your business partner. Please invest £250k in my business. Dear Bank Manager, I need another business partner please invest £500k in my business. 356 more words


Questioning Reality

Being told “it’s all in your head” confuses your reality.

You know what you feel. Very very clearly feel it, and know its real enough to risk doctors telling you its all in your head. 253 more words

Make It Count

I probably haven’t mentioned this, but I’m really into reading and watching stuff off the internet in which I get to learn something new, or at least redefine what I already know. 469 more words

One Sentence A Day: 29/100

I missed several days’ worth of posts. Damn. And this makes this three sentences instead of just one.


Why I Quit My Job


Time after time when friends, family, and students have told me they hate [X] (job/major/roommate/etc), I retort to them that they are the authors of their own destiny. 709 more words


Queen Of All the Tarts (Overture)

Queen Of All the Tarts (Overture).

As its recording was used as pre-show music for much of the Reality Tour, was “Queen Of All the Tarts (Overture)” once intended as an album intro? 259 more words

David Bowie


I’ve been a troublemaker my whole life I guess

This is not a heartwarming story from the wrong side of the tracks

No, infact I’ve always been a rotten child acting good, geddit? 162 more words