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crack: a smile 
crack: dumb jokes
crack: the window when it’s warm in your room
crack: a cool beer in the grass of the park  20 more words


Choices choices

Drag my bagatelles
behind me
Time can’t tell
itself from
anybody else.
What will become of me?
Fetid shoes on my feet
in front of me. 18 more words

Dreams First, Reality Second

There are very few people who understand what it means to have a dream. People today lose sight of what it means to want something and go after it. 349 more words

One Year Anniversary

This day, one year ago, I was hurled into the world of adulthood at lightning speed. To be fair, I had been as prepared as any child really could be but still… it’s not the same. 622 more words

Capitalism vs Socialism, a rambling reflection

All my life, I was taught that Capitalism was the greatest and most noble of the social systems that humans have thus far come up with. 960 more words

The Facebook Effect- Part II

It’s a good thing I blog for fun and not for a check! The writing portion is the easy part, but the editing process is time consuming. 1,693 more words