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Lost in the Translation or Perfectly Rendered?

Yesterday my favorite three-year old gifted me some drawings from pages of her “books.” These books of hers consist simply of a nine by twelve sheet of paper folded in half, then folded again, creating a four page book. 721 more words


Perfect Imperfections

Ever feel completely and utterly invisible? Well, if so, then welcome to my life 90% of the time. I’m pretty sure I could walk into a room with neon hair and not be looked at twice. 689 more words


Capitalism vs Materialism

Where would you draw the line between capitalism and materialism? Isn’t it the desire for money that breeds the materialism or is it vice versa? I am truly at a loss and I’m hoping my readers can help with an issue I’ve been having. 330 more words


Distracted from Reality (More Necessary Reflection) - Message to a Friend

I think I actually managed to figure out why I’m skipping classes. If you asked me this a couple days early, I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer… 475 more words


Reality Check

Ask me what I dislike about my body and I will tell you I hate my thighs. They are huge and disproportionate for my petite, 5’0 frame. 324 more words

Hair And Beauty

Distracted from Reality

Here’s how my life’s played out since the start of the new school year, Fall 2014.

This is purely stream of conscience.

I have never taken the time to reflect on what has happened over the past ~7 weeks that I’ve lived since school started.  1,047 more words


Diary Excerpts 14

At some point, I burned everything.

The next morning, my journals were back where they had been.

I never questioned this.