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Two sides of a coin

Hello, Internet!

You know those days that are both good and bad, and you can never really be sure of what to feel at the end of the day? 478 more words


For Those Who Follow

When will our machines, computers, robotics and technology become an unmanageable force?

When they become self-aware or when they become aware of their self-awareness?

Once they become self-aware, we could probably still manage their actions by lying to them, but after they become aware of what they are, the lies would not work anymore. 177 more words

In Search Of Truth

Let the Search Begin

The following text is taken from the Preface of Christopher Ryan Maboloc’s “The Pursuit of Being Human: An Introduction to Philosophy”

“Life is sometimes cruel. While this is the very reality in our world, it is not possible, however, to simply withdraw from it.

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It’s so relative.

Things that I could note do before now have goals that go past them. Which is cool! Like running. I ran 1.25 miles today and that second wind, I’m finding, that is what gets me through really long cadenzas and pacing myself has shown me how to distribute my breath in a phrase. 493 more words

Off the Desk: Happiness away from work

A passion project, this is what’s keeping me busy.

For the past two years or so, I’ve been thinking of ways to be creative outside of work. 150 more words


A little dynamic

I’ll admit it, I have my flaws. Fuck, I have MANY flaws.

I have imperfections beyond your wildest nightmares.

I have a temper.

I like things to go my way. 62 more words

Wolf in Sheep's Skin

You don’t deserve to know my name,
Much less the joy of my lips touching yours.
The way my hips swerve and grind.
The softness of my skin… 119 more words