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A Temporary Goodbye to Cell Phone Usage, the Holiday to Turn Off Your Cell


The Side Effects Brought on by Cell Phones

I’d gone to a wedding banquet of a relative with my son, after he’d gotten a few rounds of food, he’d started burying his head in his cell phone, until I’d started eating my desserts, he still had the main course and appetizers on his plate. 656 more words


Routines, Escape Plans, Law Suits, Snippets of your Old Life, and the Evils of the Corporate World

January 27, 2015 | 05:42pm

9 ½ months after I left this place “forever,” I am back in Emerald Avenue, drinking my usual cup of coffee and looking just as I did when I left on April 10th. 1,723 more words


Since Pope Francis Came in the Philippines: Small and Big Miracles in My Life

Renewed faith. Renewed love. Renewed personality.

Things that were changed in me since Pope Francis came in the Philippines. Why do I say this? Because since he came I am seeing to it that I will follow his messages by heart. 930 more words

About Me :)

Still having problems

Here’s the deal. I still have scheduled an appointment at the Counseling Center and I’m pretty certain I knew this would happen. Initially, I figured it would be because of my anxiety to do something I haven’t done before (I have to get a blood test soon and I’m anxious about doing that). 356 more words


Lawfully forever...

My cousin brother is getting married, and as you may know, with all the Punjabi wedding traditions it’s impossible to get any sleep. My cousin and his fiance met back in seventh grade. 188 more words


And This Is Just The Beginning

I’ve been here for almost a month now (28 days to be exact) and I’ve come to a few realizations:

a. 5 months is too short. 856 more words