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Recovering Music Snob

Confession Time:

I used to be a music snob.

It all started my first year in college as a music major. I loved listening to the top 40, pop, punk-ish rock, indie, really anything new. 567 more words

Last night thoughts

Last night while going home from the book fair with friends, I realized some things that made me upset and disappointed to myself. Listed below are those thoughts: 161 more words


Empty Vessel

I’ve heard from a little birdie…(my mom)…that my blogs are read quite often and that I have a certain following of people that keep up with my blog, ask for my blog site, have my blog read to them, etc. 2,065 more words


Assessment in my Grade School / High School Days

I don’t have much recollection of my Elementary and High School years. You may say that it is the same with every other regular elementary or high school students who attended a public school: I go to school, I listen to what is being teach, when some catches my attention I ask questions on what I don’t understand, I get sleepy when the teacher drones on and on and the topic isn’t interesting, and most certainly cram when there is an exam. 803 more words


How much do we choose to see?

Good morning everybody

I had an interesting thought late last night. With all the classifications of right and wrong, fake and authentic, plausible and implausible in our modern society it seems many things go amiss. 213 more words


Realizations of a 30-month-old Dressage Rider

I thought I’d take note of my recent revelations as I’m reflecting back on my journey. While it’s been short, compared, to most, I’m hopeful I’m not alone in my self-imposed issues as a dressage rider. 674 more words


Ciao from the USA!!!

We have returned from our wonderful vacation, and it was a whirlwind of fun adventures!  I am looking forward to sharing our adventures and experiences, but first, I want to describe the feeling I have after returning home.   390 more words