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Blood, Bones and Bitterness

If blood is what ties us
Then it’s a shame
there is no way
To rid of you from my
You’re there
And even if in… 108 more words


A Stranger's "Hello"

Reflexively she
asked about his
day without a real
care in the world
about his response.
It’s just one of those
things that has become… 62 more words


What If's

I have gone through so many what if’s in my life that I figured, “It was time for a change.” So when love came knocking, I barely put up a fight. 360 more words



Sleep is the cousin of death
Devoid of the visions
Of our waking state
Where we interact with the beings
Of our hearts content
And bare in mind… 58 more words


Daily Crystal Tarot ~ King of Cups ~ Again!

King of Cups Interpretation: You are surrounded by the flow of energy around you.

This will be a tide of change, but just like the sea, these waves are not always smooth. 184 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

I Sense A Pattern

And I’m calling myself out. I just took a look at the “My Blogs” page and I have 5 blogs, and one unlisted so actually  697 more words


This Week, I Realized That I'm Human

This goes along with my previous post about Death and being normal and all that whiny crap.

But I just realized, that I am honestly nothing but human. 718 more words