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Wake up...

Wake up, donny” the scene is somehow playing in our head, even taking over. Forcing us to ride this stream. It an sentence from the movie donnie darko, involving timetravel and paralel tangent universe. 423 more words


Writing to Perfection

Today, 31st of July, I was inspired to write one more chapter of my story in a website and I was like, “Wow, ideas are coming in. 114 more words


That 5 Things About College

I was in senior high school when I was walking with a friend of mine, who was one school year ahead of me. She was touring me around her university while describing how it’s like to be in it. 1,121 more words

Clouded Thoughts

Sorting Through the Piles

This pile of clean (and now wrinkled) assortment of clothes and bedding of mine has been sitting on the chair in the corner of my room for a week. 559 more words




I’ve been maintaining us, but not myself. He can offer me our world, but not my own.


Never be quick to judge. People, I realize, despite the similarities of their seemingly monotonous façade of what they call life experience life differently. Some people may fall into single equations so easily as if they were made from it while some cannot be even placed in any at all. 19 more words

Unecumbered Words