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Vandana Shiva Part 1: Communities and Governments

I recently attended a talk by environmentalist Vandana Shiva, hosted by Public Interest Alberta in a packed hotel ballroom. She spoke–after glowing introductions–about things like GMOs (or genetically engineered organisms, if you will), economy, the term “progress”, and feminism. 793 more words


A Brief Introduction

Hello all,

Let me start by being honest; I’d rather not say my name or location here and prefer this to remain anonymous based on what I’m probably going to say about my current life situation and employment. 375 more words


More for you! not just manga!

Sometimes i find something i have to share. now is no different.


2. more softcore


Sylvia Feketekuty and Luke Kristjanson: Writing for Video Games part 2

And now, for the not-so-encouraging part two of my experience at the talk by Bioware writers¬†Sylvia Feketekuty and Luke Kristjanson. I find myself procrastinating on writing this just because I don’t want to face the crushing reality that is how hard it actually is to get a job as a writer for a video game company, according to some of the things these two writers had to say. 922 more words


Sylvia Feketekuty and Luke Kristjanson: Writing for Video Games part 1

This afternoon, I went to an event at my local library where Bioware writers Sylvia Feketekuty and Luke Kristjanson were asked questions about the video game industry and how they got to where they are now. 649 more words



Since I last posted things have gotten very exciting. Well I personally think that 5 rejection e-mails is quite exciting. It means somebody had the time to look at my job application and say NOPE. 260 more words

The Real Reason I Hate My Home Town

I grew up in a small rural town. My high school was about 1000 students. We had seven pizza places, four hair salons, and too many shitty dollar stores. 808 more words