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Breaks and Gratitude

To get back up to speed, I found a new job after a painful 6 months of looking!!!

While it could seem like a step backward, I’m now a Supervisor at theΒ  940 more words

Basic Ish for the NOT So Basic. 1st Edition.

So I’m thinkin…



(I’m jus sayin)..πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚πŸ™…..




Big Ego.Bad KarmaπŸ‘†πŸ‘†..no bueno.

i Speak Life..πŸ“‘

P.S ladies, keep in mind that…

And by the end of the day its jus… 34 more words


The longer we live...

…the more we have the opportunity to confine our lives or expand them.

If we have the wrong mindset (never take risks, play it safe & comfortable), the longer we live the more we will practice this way of thinking. 72 more words


The Writerly Life

When it comes to the life and times of a writer’s life let’s be honest, Hollywood’s got it wrong.

Sure, maybe there is some hipster in the local coffee shop with his four shot mocha lattΓ©chino churning away the next Greatest American Novel with every high-pitched smash against the keys of his vintage, Olivetti typewriter, surrounded by the thick miasma floating from his secondhand smoking pipe all day long. 396 more words

Tuesday Update

I've Moved!

As much as I’ve loved my time on WordPress.com, I’ve decided it’s time to jump to the big leagues. Β You’ll now find me posting at my brand new shiny self-hosted domain, … 45 more words


Did I ever tell you that I HATE the word crazy? Yeah well, My girlfriend is crazy, and I don’t know what to doπŸ™€. It’s hard because I love her. 938 more words


My Thoughts on Alanon

My thoughts on Alanon.

Let me first preface this that if you don’t know what Alanon is, check THIS out.

So Ms. Sanity, why the hell did YOU go to Alanon? 457 more words