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Independent Love

I never thought that in the course of one day that your whole mindset could go a complete 180.

At 18, falling in “love” is just puppy love. 889 more words


Love is Immeasurable

Funny how people came up of something to measure how deep is love.=)

Missing you Badly

There’s this one person you continue to love even if you’re afar.


A tragedy that almost ruined my life in a snap. I do not want to remember the date, the scene, the experience, everything. But it always flashes on my mind as if I am living in a dreadful nightmare. 99 more words

You Love Who You Love

No need to describe more of this. You just love who you Love. =))

For Those Who "Love"

An excerpt from an essay that I had to write, you cannot see the ending.


Love is always easy to discuss, especially when you are in love. 382 more words

A shot of you.

and if it doesn’t intoxicate or cleanse me in some crazy, bloodcurdling way, I don’t want it.