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Jesus had a wife!? Special Really Recommended Posts Issue

Today, I have changed the standard “Really Recommended Posts” to be all about the “Gospel” of Jesus’ Wife. Check out the updated list of links for responses to this discovery. 710 more words


Really Recommended Posts 4/11/14- submission, creationism, and apologetics!

I’m really itching for a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Seriously, can the snow please melt? Anyway, this week I’m presenting for your reading pleasure a slew of high quality posts on the (non-)tasks of the apologist, submission, “street epistemology,” presuppositionalism, and young earth creationism. 246 more words


Really Recommended Posts 4/4/14- Views on "Noah" and "God's Not Dead"

I think it’s important to view a range of perspectives on two of the latest flicks to hit the big screens: “Noah” and “God’s Not Dead.” These films are going to draw religious viewers simply based on their content. 476 more words


Really Recommended Posts 3/28/14- Nature and Scripture, Tolkien's Beowulf, oneness in Christ, and more!

I have a nice range of posts set up for you. First, we look at the “God’s Not Dead” flick. Then, Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf! From there we survey the interrelationship between nature and Scripture, men and women as images of God, and young earth creationism and animal mimicry. 278 more words


Really Recommended Posts 3/14/14- "Cosmos," The Monuments Men, C.S. Lewis, and more!

Here, I have compiled a kind of special edition of the “Really Recommended Posts.” We first focus on a number of critical responses to the first episode of “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.” It seems to me the episode did some pretty shoddy history and also made any number of metaphysical claims. 351 more words

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