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10 Responses To “I’m Originally From California”

After doing a good amount of traveling, I learned that people have very strong opinions about people from California. Some of these stereotypes are true; some make me laugh (I once got asked if I surf to school). 299 more words

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Okay now they know they wrong for this smh!!!!

Thanks to Mimi and her Sex Tape there has been a lot of people rushing out to get them a “Mimi Shower Rod” and even twitter has been taking this as a joke to the point that they made up their own page @MimiShowerRod… 36 more words


Smeess 5-Feb-2014

“Dad just cried when talking about the scan where they thought they had lost you. It was kinda beautiful. I love you xxxx”




Wesserz 5-Feb-2014

“Hahaha david attenborough, then if she tries to escape get steve erwin to wrestle her xxx”


This is us talking about a performance in which we had to basically just do the most dumb and wacky shit we could think of. 58 more words


Mum 27-Jan-2014

“Watching about energy drinks and legal high drugs,god i.m so glad ur just gay and not a junkie ,and 4 of the deaths from horse anisthetics at a tenner a pack were in lincoln .stay gay no drugs ok xx” 15 more words