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25 Lessons for a Quarter of a Century

25. Most of the time your parents have a point.  For example: hard heads make soft backs. I always thought that was about whoppings, I now know that shit was about life.   759 more words


Honestly speaking...

*”Keep it real” Friday

Why is it so hard for people to keep it real with one another? Why do people feel the need to be… 534 more words

A "Type A" Girls Guide to Keeping It Simple This Holiday Season

Being that I am consistently towing the line of a type A personality, while desparetly trying to vibe and chill like my more progressive, mellow friends; I set out to organize my life in a way that allows me to relax and ultmatimately enjoy the perks of what I assume to be a laid back existence (whatever that is .. 976 more words


the importance of being you.

I’m having a fabulous relaxed day, by design. It was a stressful week being in North Carolina with family coming out ofthe woodwork from every direction and this intense need to have “company manners” on at all times. 599 more words


What the hell am I doing!?

For my first post as a new blogger I feel the need to explain a little bit about how I got to this point… For starters, I love writing. 351 more words

For You, and Heavens.

There, in the brightest times,
Between myriad stars, and galaxies of love,
I found my soul,
Searching for mysteries,

With a passion to embrace,
sacredness, 81 more words