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A Throwaway Culture for Relationships?

Our world is becoming more fast paced by the minute and it seems along with the consumerist culture of products and pleasures, that people and relationships are being treated in this way more frequently too. 483 more words

Life Lessons


A few weeks back I was at a dinner table and suddenly I found myself being pinned against the wall, not physically but mentally. I was immediately put on the spot. 377 more words



- Because everybody knows that Mondays suck. Here’s an old favourite song of mine just to make your day a little bit more manageable :-) Happy listening! 86 more words



I promised myself that I would have this blog up and running by June, but obviously things didn’t really go as planned. Here I am 4 months later, still contemplating on whether I should discard everything I’ve just written and wait another 4 months, or post and pray I don’t leave this to rot just like I’ve done with all my previous endeavours. 29 more words


Beauty Coup 100 - Celebrating You!

The time has come for our very special edition of Friday Feminist Funtimes: Beauty Coup’s 100th Post, Celebrating YOU!

Thank You, ever so much, to all of you who sent in your responses. 836 more words

Reasons To Be Real

Dare to Dream

Jesus always concerned himself with the heart and the depths of a man’s soul, yet rather than follow suit, we tend to focus on tweaking behaviors. 725 more words


Feeling the centre

I struggle with remoteness. There are times when like everyone else I yearn for solitude, but those periods never last very long. I yearn to connect, to have shared experiences, to relate and go deeper. 632 more words