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c h a n c e s

Just a random thought I had last night…So, you know those quotes you come across that tell you you should always try to see the good in people? 473 more words


What Young Moms Wish You Knew

The Struggle is Real

It’s fun to watch your friends grow and mature into young moms, but sometimes it’s slightly difficult to watch the relationships lag in the meantime. 631 more words


Caring for the Single(s)

Safe Spaces

We should revisit how we consider the relational spaces in our lives, especially in light of how we care for the singles that we know. 694 more words


Words of Wisdom By Sheezy.0

I’m not sure where I left off, but it was only right that I start this blogging thing off with my homie since knee high to a grasshopper. 7 more words


y o u r o w n t w o f e e t

You can’t find real fulfillment unless you learn how to stand on your own two feet. You can’t flourish in someone else’s shadow. Take the risks. 480 more words


Thursday Ramblings and Shenanigans.

Happy Thursday folks. Rocky loves bath time. Like really loves it. I give him a bath mid-morning, which I know, all you mama’s out there give baths at night but that doesn’t work for us. 636 more words