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Feeling the centre

I struggle with remoteness. There are times when like everyone else I yearn for solitude, but those periods never last very long. I yearn to connect, to have shared experiences, to relate and go deeper. 632 more words

Evaluating Information Online

The website I decided to evaluate was a YouTube page called The LyricalJAZ.  The author is Jasmine, a Howard University freshman who has 94 subscribers and 4,928 views. 68 more words

“Creativity was the only thing that stayed true to me and the only thing that didn’t judge me, and understood everything that I was doing. There’s a realness. 43 more words

The funniest thing

I don’t really know if it’s the funniest thing but it made me laugh. I haven’t always laughed at this until recently ….. But it wasn’t until recently that I decided to stop running from it that I finally found the humor in it. 261 more words


List of Uganda’s Top 10 Intellectual Rappers

I had to document some of Ugandan hiphop’s most intelligent acts/cats. Space quasars and illusory liaisons with pleidian women who have wombs replete with cosmic dust may come to mind as the concrete definition of “Intellectual rapper” to a contrarian HipHop nerd. 1,230 more words

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