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Dem Bones - Eye Beast

Ha! It wasn’t fifteen months this time. But truth be told: I had this mini pretty much finished the whole time and never got around to actually doing anything with it. 464 more words

Bones Miniatures

Finished Reaper Annasha Tomebreaker

Here are finished pictures of a recent commission. I’ve got a few new models I’ve been working on. I also got a new camera! No more smartphone pictures! 241 more words

Games Workshop

Noreth Skyblade

Spent some more time basing this weekend to get another one off the bench. Noreth was actually painted over the summer.

It’s been so long I forget a lot of what I did here, heh. 26 more words


Dem Bones - Fire Dragon

It’s been a while since I did a post about my Bones miniatures. Over a year. Fifteen months, actually. In an ideal world, this post would read something like this: … 774 more words

Bones Miniatures

77151: Darkrasp, evil Priest

A while back, I invested in the Reaper Miniatures Bone kickstarter. I am slowly but surely making my way though the 200+ minis I received as a result (emphasis on SLOWLY.) 84 more words


Bug Hunt Demo Set - Terrain and Mech

Wanted to give an update with pix of some finished terrain pieces and the replacement Armored Combat Suit for the Terran force. Click images for larger versions. 251 more words