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Noreth WIP 11

Hellacious storm last night knocked out my cable/Internet. So I had some time to paint (and play guitar, trying to learn a couple new pieces at up most of the evening). 122 more words


Noreth WIP 10

Lots of tweaks and fixing and blah, hitting the final lap pretty soon here…


Upcoming projects!

I’m going out of town for a few weeks, so I probably won’t be able to post much (if at all) during that time, but before I go I’ll put up a picture of a converted Ogre Hunter I’ve been working on. 35 more words


Noreth WIP 9

Some more work on the golds, I always forget how long it takes to do armor nmm!


Product Review 09667 (Rattlesnake Leather)

Every time I’ve ordered miniatures or miniature products from Reaper (http://www.reapermini.com/) I’ve received a receipt, which also has a printed statement claiming that if anything extra was thrown into the box with my order, it’s no accident. 779 more words

Tabletop Gaming

Noreth WIP 8

The next step in my nmm process is to rough in the shades and highs and start playing around with where they sit. At this point there is probably one more level of shadow and several more highlights to rough in. 100 more words


Noreth WIP 7

Pretty simple session, just getting the golds base coated. Then I did my quick sketch to get a rough idea how I want the light to flow over the metals. 48 more words