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Grim Reaper

This is a MOC that a friend (he’s the guy who built one of those Demorahks a few years back) made (I finalize-edited it, since he didn’t have time), which is the Grim Reaper: 22 more words

Reapers 2

Kyle Sullivan: “That is my desk,” she snapped at him, marching towards him, jerking the photo from the desk and opening a drawer before dropping it into it. 1,737 more words


Truth and Release

“Life will be there when deserved.”

Rage bubbled just under Jesús’s skin. How dare he call Zephrey unworthy! How dare he…! Jesús’s voice came to a roaring yell, “Have you not seen? 716 more words

Creative Writing


This is what I woke up singing in my head. THIS!! Of all things…

I’m depressed. I hate my life. I want to not be here anymore and I hear this playing non-stop in my head. 12 more words

Just My Thoughts

Parallel Planes (part 2)

Her name was Virginia Macklebee.

She was human and therefore unaware of her friendship with Thales; after all, mortals could only see reapers at their time of Completion, and she was hardly dead. 536 more words


Learning TvP from Flash

image taken from KT Rolster facebook page

Flash played several TvP games in recent tournaments. He won PartinG in Proleague Grand Final, Dear, Classic, herO and Pigbaby in the IEM Toronto qualifier. 1,238 more words