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Rearranging Bookcases

It’s no secret that since we youngest three girls stopped playing dolls, etc. in the family room, it has turned into a bit of a storage room. 167 more words


A slow Saturday and a Sunday sprint...

We spent a lovely day just outside Masham on Saturday having a celebratory lunch with my hubby’s sister and her new husband (although they have been together for more than twenty some years)!  542 more words


another day, another (persian) rug

A couple of weeks ago my friend Sarah moved house. She moved in to a brand-spanking-new house that she had built. It is so nice … no breezes through the floorboards, double glazed windows, great northern light. 216 more words


Back in Focus...or I can see clearly now my stuff has gone...

 …Whoops I have been away a lot longer than I thought this time but I haven’t been sitting with my feet up  – well only to rest my dodgy knee occasionally – another sudden and unexpected problem to deal with. 950 more words


babe, where'd you put the coffee table?

Last Friday night to Saturday afternoon: The hubs was going fishing. Soccer for the little one was cancelled Saturday am. Nothing to do but B-day party at 4pm for the oldest. 1,045 more words


Creating more room in a small space

For the longest time I always had to laugh when people referred to Feng Shui. Seriously? Its just moving things around. Really doesn’t need a fancy name. 237 more words

Design Feng Shui

Rearranging Life

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,
but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”
- Eckhart Tolle