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Time for a Change

After 10+ years of being in a house, some things start looking a little tired and/or messy. So it was with the shelves in the TV room, so everything got pulled off, the shelves dusted, books sorted, all unnecessary items removed.   224 more words


Little Changes

When it comes to seasonal changes in the house, mine are minimal.  Maybe a few things get rearranged, but there are few, if any, new additions to the decor.   204 more words


Spotty at best?

That’s been my blogging lately, anyway!  The truth is, things have been a tad hectic at home.  But I haven’t totally forgotten about my blog.  No, no!   212 more words


I am reading Until You’re Mine this morning and my heart is pounding as I imagine how the whole story will unfold.

MC Claudia Morgan-Brown is a social worker, which immediately helped me connect with her. 

464 more words



Move that here,
I’m sure it will fit!
Move that there,
We cannot quit!
Of course it will work,
There’s no doubt in my mind! 84 more words


Project Office Part One

The biggest part of trying to start this more domesticated life is getting organized. At least that’s the way I see it, if I can get everything situated then all I have to do is maintain from that point. 597 more words

Not Quite Domesticated

A Real Bed and a New Project

Last time on My Life is a Damn Shambles, I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor like my room was a Hooverville. And what a difference a week makes. 329 more words