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Saving The Planet From Climate Change Demands Socialism or Something

Like every leftist cause, climate change really has very little to do with climate change. That’s just the face issue, the shiny packaging that’s wrapped around the real issue. 46 more words


VIDEO: Reason TV's Nanny of the Month

It’s been a while since I posted one of these and this is a good one…

Boogie Board Ban, Parking App Prohibition, and Old Sunscreen Labeling (Nanny of the Month, 8-14)

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Ed Krayewski Talks Ferguson, Global Tensions with Political Badger

We had a great conversation recently with Ed Krayewski of reason.com about the Ferguson, MO situation. We also got into some other current issues of concern to Americans including ISIS and Mexican drug cartels. 8 more words

Political Badger

Guess They Don't Stand with Rand on this One

A poll from the Washington Post-ABC News shows 63% of conservative Republicans and 61% of all Republicans back Obama’s airstrikes in Iraq.

First, Obama has actually done something conservatives support.   182 more words

Smear Campaign Against Michael Brown? Seems So

Friday has been another eventful day in the Michael Brown case out of Ferguson. First and foremost, after days of asking for it, the community was finally given the name of the officer involved in the shooting: Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the force with no prior disciplinary record. 748 more words

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National Moment of Silence for Mike Brown

Beauteous Meridian Hill Park (also popularly and locally known as Malcolm X Park, but not on maps and such) was the location for tonight’s DC protest of policy brutality, weaponized police forces, the killing of Mike Brown, and the attitude that black lives don’t matter. 275 more words

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Did political convenience convince a conservative journalist to re-categorize a bug as a feature? An examination of the Welch–Beutler–Suderman spat

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 6, 2014

A Twitter feud between left-wing and right-wing pundits caught my eye last week.

The spat was launched by this tweet: 2,257 more words