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Reporter by Day, Improv Comedian by Night: The Life of Paul Detrick

D.C. wasn’t ready for his flip flops and bright red hoodie as oppose to penny loafers and button up suits. So, he ditched the political world and snuck his way onto the stage, well, mainly on Tuesday nights. 793 more words

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Since When Did Libertarian Publications Start Defending Unjustifiable Wars?

You’d think being anti-war and being libertarian, someone who subscribes to the NAP, would go hand in hand. At the least, one might be less than inclined to admire the U.S. 729 more words


Libertarian Perspectives on Basic Income

Basic Income – or Guaranteed Income, or Minimum Income, or what have you – is a policy that would provide a uniform minimum income to all citizens of a nation.  916 more words

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The Merchant of Avon - Shakespeare as Economist

(Re-Blogged from Reason Magazine Archive By Fred Turner)

The core questions of economics are what value is and how it is created. These are mysterious questions, not accessible to the mathematical methods used by the academic discipline of economics, which deals admirably with how “utility”–the technical term for value–is exchanged, stored, communicated, regulated, and gauged, but which remains prudently silent on the nature and origin of utility itself. 1,910 more words