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D.C. Police’s Asset Forfeitures Are Very Lucrative and Very Petty - Scott Shackford

The Washington Post’s original three-part, in-depth look at the use and abuse of police civil asset forfeiture seems to have transformed into an open-ended, ongoing series. 199 more words


Washington's Beautiful, Illegal Tiny Houses - Todd Krainin

“I got driven down the tiny house road because of affordability, simplicity, sustainability, and then mobility,” says Jay Austin, who designed a custom 140-square-foot house, which is part of a showcase community of minuscule homes located in an alley lot in Washington, D.C. 219 more words


Why Voting (3rd Party) Still Matters

“Whatever happens, happens”

“I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain” – George Carlin

“I’m voting for two evils, so why would I bother?” 787 more words