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The supernatural does not and cannot exist.

If we have a theory, we must have facts for the foundation. We must have corner-stones. We must not build on guesses, fancies, analogies or inferences. 467 more words


Reason for quacking sound heard in the ocean finally solved

The mystery of a bizarre quacking sound heard in the ocean has finally been solved, scientists report.

The noise – nicknamed “the bio-duck” – appears in the winter and spring in the Southern Ocean. 151 more words


Never be a Mark, always look a every angle

A Reasonable Appeal to Passion

A Passionate Appeal to Reason

My poet friends
Are quite verbose
About those things
That get their goat
Injustice or
Oppression or
Some c— 51 more words


April 23, 2014

Today should just be a day you smile.

No reason.

Just smile.


This is actually a statement my brother made when I told him I feel old on my birthday. When I thought about it, it is the absolute truth.

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Sarah Salahuddin

Back to the Basics: Physicalism As Poor Philosophy (Part 2/4)

The following is the second installment of my ontological argument. If you missed the first part, click here. Until now, we have established that ontology is a descriptive field. 578 more words