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Ideas are flighty little things. You have to chase them down, grasp them, love them to their deaths. And you have to prove this love of yours with actions or with words, which are actions in the phoenix fire between birth and death. 17 more words


Either-or: Abelard to Kierkegaard

What is a university? What is a universal? Who was Abelard and how did he influence the current opinion of Christianity?

Here is a video discussing the beginning of a 1000 year argument about authority in the world of the Spirit. 704 more words

Soren Kierkegaard

The two pronged arrow of liberation reason and intuition

Peripheral thinking is the way. Like looking at the world with a soft focus, thinking while using reason while trusting your intuition will help us to see the world in a new light. 84 more words


Spooky Black (@spookyblack)- Reason

Rising star, Spooky Black, releases some new music for the masses.


Feminism: is it still the answer to the problems that women face?

It’s impossible for me to avoid the question of my thoughts onĀ feminism:

  • as a woman
  • living in a country where the equality of rights has been achieved, yet sexism in both directions still exists…
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When Our Past Returns

A few days ago, I heard from someone who I hadn’t talked to in 5 years. The last conversation we had wasn’t a good one and I never expected to hear from her again. 431 more words


After graduation everything i did in school feels like a blur. trying to pin point when i started developing certain skills and expanding my knowledge is like finding Hillary Duff on the red carpet. 533 more words