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8 Reasons You Need an SEO Content Strategist

Content is the new SEO has been one of the resounding slogans guiding marketers in 2014. As you know, it s not just enough to churn out content writing about whatever is on your mind often. 132 more words

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Six Reasons You Must Check Out David’s Bridal, Even If You Had Been Planning On Skipping It

Look, it is not reasonable to splurge on Almost everything for your wedding. If you’re going to spend out for a couture wedding dress, it tends to make sense to save on your accessories, footwear, and so on. 22 more words

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The Pros and Cons of Holiday Travel

There is no doubt that the holiday season brings a burst of tourists to almost any city. From visiting family to taking a special vacation, it is not uncommon for people to pack their bags and begin their own holiday adventure. 197 more words


Reasons to hate studying


Here’s a few reasons to hate studying
– You don’t want to study and you know it
– You ‘forgot’ to start last week so now you will have to wave your sleep goodbye and everybody likes sleep… 55 more words


Five Reasons Why You Always Need to Read Your Lease

Most people have heard that they should always read what they sign. Sometimes, the word “carefully” gets lost in the shuffle. Just to set the record straight, it is important to carefully read everything you sign, especially the lease for your st…

Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes that reason is you were stupid and made bad decisions.

Throughout my entire life I have watched people blame their current situations in life on their parents and how they were brought up. The bad choices they made in their daily life is to blame on their parents and the things they didn’t do for them while they lived with them. 593 more words