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10 Reasons Why I Love Target

Tar-get. Tar-jay. No matter what you call it, this is a place where dreams come to fruition. It’s where you can buy your favorite guilty pleasure frozen pizzas (Palmero’s, anyone?), while also buying the new trendy Apple product, because the iPhone 5 is like, so last year. 1,238 more words


the why in the school

I have a college degree in early childhood education.

I stay home with both my kids.

Education can be such a bear on the wallet. … 326 more words


3 Reasons to Get Baltimore Roofing Services

Whenever something happens that may put your home or commercial building in danger, among the first things which fail is it is usual that the roof, and Gaston roofing services are crucial in restoring and repairing it accordingly.But it s also possible to employ roofing services if you need to upgrade or simply alter roof in an effort to give your establishment a new style, tone and overall image. 109 more words

How to Save Money on Your IT Department

There are many reasons why cost cutting measures are taken on by a company. Financial problems, economic woes, increased operational costs and issues with profit might lead entrepreneurs to implement cost cutting policies. 10 more words

Why Did You Go To Graduate School?

The amount of times that I’ve been asked this question feels more numerous than the pages I’ve written over the course of my tenure in graduate school. 559 more words


13 reasons why....review

Freaking depressing, man…But, will change you a bit.

I read this book because everyone was all like IT’S AMAZING. So, I was like..ooh. And, I read it and like I cried, at the end. 213 more words