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10 Reasons to get a Gaming PC today!

1. They are becoming cheaper

One of the main excuses I hear when suggesting a gaming pc is that they are way too expensive. Now this may have been true a few years back when APU’s were mainly used for laptops and low-end workstations. 716 more words



in the future or another life, I’ll be a crotchety old lady living on mars & this will be the time capsule that reminds me of those times & of my words & thoughts & all the things that for whatever reason mattered in the moment I lived them. 43 more words


The Most Common Reasons for Calls to Wildlife and Pest Control during the Winter Months

Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn t mean that the need for wildlife and pest control screeches to a halt in the winter. In fact, the opposite is true. 160 more words

Timing is Everything

I am one of those people who believe everything happens for a reason.
I am also one of those people who believe timing is everything. Everything has a time it needs to happen. 680 more words


What's a Security of Payments Act (SOP) Payment Schedule

Generally, a #SecurityofPaymentsAct  #paymentschedule is a list of reasons  given by the builder why they shouldn’t pay the amount you have asked them to pay in your # 172 more words

Construction Law Australia

What If!

When you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, you want to scream it from the rooftops! That’s why it can be pretty frustrating when it is reluctant to express his feelings of love toward you, no matter how strong your feelings are for him. 507 more words


5 Reasons to look forward to the Apple Watch

1) It’s Apple! Basically if your going to buy a smart watch your always going to want one that screams quality.  Sure other devices are on the market and have been for sometime but Apple haven’t been twiddling their thumbs during this time.  294 more words