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8 Things Women Do That Men Absolutely Adore

The discussion of attraction between men and women has been one of debate since centuries ago. It is not exactly a science that can be studied through analytics. 806 more words


Boob Tube & Breakups

Breakups suck.  We all know that.  And since me and my Argentinian cowboy decided to part ways recently, I’ve been hooking up with multiple rebounds to distract myself from my misery and pain.   441 more words


5 Reasons to Go Out and Have Coffee

 1. Meet a friend. Hey, why not take an hour and and reconnect with a friend? Sometimes taking the first step means more than the actual event. 199 more words



I could think of 1000 reasons to stay
however true they all could be
by staying here
because of any one of those
I would not be true to me



Why Write?

Questions are excellent thought guiders. So, I ask myself why I write. What is the importance of the written word? What does one person’s thoughts matter in the scheme of billions of people leading their own thoughts and busy lives? 425 more words

Opportunity Shopping

I looove op shopping. However when I was about 12 and 13, that wasn’t the case. When my mum took us, I was the one who would sit in the corner of the shop and try not to get the germs on me from the second hand books. 304 more words


It's life !

It’s life that stops some actions for some reasons
Takes darling or makes you down
without explain or even permission
and some things happen for a reason or for no reason… 16 more words