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Reasons Why Fandom Friends are the BEST

I recently read the last book in The Mortal Instruments series and it feels terrible because I can’t share my feelings about it with anyone without spoiling them. 350 more words

5 of the Most Common Reasons For Losing Your Hair

Did you know that typically all humans have hair growing on all areas of their body other than the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet? 27 more words

Unexpressed love

Loving someone and not telling them is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. Maybe you think that loving someone and keeping it in yourself is better because you value your friendship or you don’t wanna break their trust or you just don’t think that it’s the perfect time. 491 more words


Reason 1145

They give me awesome handmade birthday presents… like this Elephant Minion, just like the one featured in the Minion Mayhem ride at Universal Studios…


7 reasons I won't marry before 27

This is not a guide to life, its just moi opinion. If you are married young I applaud you for finding someone to love and stay with at a younger age. 393 more words



Excuse me lady!
I know you aren’t ready -
I wouldn’t turn to logic
It doesn’t work like magic.

Excuse me lady! 140 more words