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[Repost] 5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Teacher

As an educator, we are responsible for the profession of our students. We have to make strategies for them to understand our lessons. We share what we have learned to them. 526 more words

Electric Mixer

Kitchenaid electric mixer. A big item on my wishlist. Like who has a few hundred bucks to spend on a mixer? I will one day. Next years birthday and X-mas present to myself. 30 more words

I Need These For Reasons...

You know you're a book nerd if...

I’m sure, as book nerds, we usually get labeled with that exact title. But, how do we know if we’re book nerds of not? I mean, come on! 248 more words


Reasons Why A Potty Trained Dog Would Start Peeing Uncontrollably

If your pup starts having sudden bladder issues or simply begins peeing everywhere, even though he’s properly potty trained, it is best to consult your vet. 32 more words

Women Ideas

3 Reasons For Daily Meditation

There are actually so many reasons to meditate on a daily basis: increased immunity and fertility, emotional balance, anti-inflammatory, calmness, reduced anxiety and many many more. 208 more words