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33970 ahead

First of all: yes i know this post is delayed at least 20 days, shame on me ;)

Since early december, last time I posted here, a lot has happened. 1,873 more words


Looking at the Ver. E Re-balancing of Nisekoi

Today on Reddit a user spoiled the rest of “The One” cycle from Nisekoi ver. E to replace the “Maiden’s Heart” cycle from the Japanese version of Nisekoi and we’ll take a look at how the demons of the Japanese metagame got muzzled for their English release! 1,811 more words


Re-balancing my investments: 2015 Roth IRA contribution edition

I set my 2014 investment allocations back in December 2013 and then left them alone, which went great!

As of 01/02/2015, my investments portfolio was worth ~$164,400. 788 more words

Kundalini Awakening

A dance, this dance of movement

a shake and shiver up my spine

tails uncoiled, the serpents slither

as I connect with the divine.

Photo source: developyourenergy.net


China's deepening deflation is making its slowdown much uglier

Last year wasn’t an easy one for China’s economy. And though we’re only a few days in, 2015 is looking even tougher. In December, the producer price index—an average of the change in prices that producers charge for their wares—fell 3.3%. 491 more words

1.5.2015 New Star Team Balances the Chakras

Less than one month after my link-up with these 33 new Star Teams, I find that at least one of them is a Chakra Rebalancing Star Team.  72 more words

Star Team

Happy New Year...now back to work

Ah, the joys of holiday.  A few notes, to start things off:

  1. I couldn’t keep my eyes off markets while away – hopefully this is more a sign that I love what I do, rather than generic neuroticism.
  2. 166 more words