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This is either an incredibly good, or bad, sign for the global economy

China’s trade surplus surged to a record high $47.3 billion in July, topping the previous peak set in November 2008. On the one hand this is good news; it suggests that the global economic system that has driven growth for the last decade is making a return. 293 more words

Praising the Bundesbank

I am puzzled by Wolfgang Münchau’s latest piece in the Financial Times. Let me start by quoting the end:

[...] The ECB should have started large-scale asset purchase a year ago.

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EMU Crisis

How a Cold Call Led to a Deal with Scottrade for ASI's Rebalancing Software

It was an idea born of convenience.  Neal Ringquist, President and Chief Operating Officer of Advisor Software Inc., was planning a trip to St. Louis to meet with one of their clients, EverBank.  1,009 more words

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A Student of Bodies - a Rebalancer's poem

Today, in Sue Reynold’s divine Sanctuary Sunday – a full day to dive deep into words, to come at ideas, images, and stories in fresh ways – she offered up as a prompt Thomas R. 160 more words

Sue Reynolds

My Lady pointed out that with not going to yoga as often I should exercise more, or I’ll gain weight. Not that she cares, but she worries I will. 399 more words


Is MyVest the Right Portfolio Rebalancing Software for You?

Research has shown that portfolios that are rebalanced at least annually experienced lower volatility and higher risk-adjusted returns than those that are not rebalanced.  Every advisor should have access to a quality, automated software rebalancing tool to handle this task, which used to be a time-consuming chore. 1,271 more words

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Limiting Belief Recycling Program with Dr. Valerie Solheim

This week’s interview with Dr. Solheim asks the question, “What in our thinking is keeping us from being resonant with the bees?” I ask this specifically in this way because the human tendency is to get things to conform to what works for us, but obviously there are some flaws in this approach. 22 more words