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NaPoMo Day 16 (a dream of roses)


(a dream of roses)

a dream of roses.   blood red.   growing in
tangled vines. glowing like mangled veins as
i walk along the garden path.    83 more words

Interview with J.C. Lillis, Author of We Won't Feel a Thing!

by REBECCA, April 16, 2014

Friends, enemies, and those totally indifferent to me, hello! It is my total pleasure to welcome the delightful J.C. Lillis… 2,309 more words


San Diego, for a day

It seems like more than a month ago, but I think it was just the week before last that Bryan and I traveled to San Diego. 205 more words


Big mouth

I must admit, recently I’ve fallen out of love with blogging. I felt like I had nothing new to contribute to The Domestic Storyteller. My writing confidence was ebbing away. 245 more words


Using Obsessions to Your Advantage

One of the noted ‘symptoms’ of autism is having an intense interest, or obsession for a particular object or topic. Our children can quickly become subject matter experts in areas beyond their years. 1,107 more words


SA Essentials

I’ve tended towards a couple pieces more often than others here in South Africa..whether because of ease or the unreal spikes in temperature, which requires light & flowy fabrics (& are somewhat limited since I have a wardrobe built mainly for Vermont). 186 more words