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Sach's and His Proposed Solutions

In Jeffrey Sach’s “The End of Poverty,” he argues that in order to meet the United States’ “share of the MDG needs,” they should impose a special 10 percent tax on the top 400 wealthiest individuals and impose increased taxes on anyone earning an income over $200,000. 956 more words


Rebecca v. Alena

The novel “Alena” (2014) is a reload of the older novel, “Rebecca,” (1938). I have to preface this with some straight honesty; I love Rebecca. It was on some required reading list or another my freshman year of high school and for some reason it jumped out at me. 1,018 more words


Free Code, Free Beer and Free Puppies

Shira Peltzman over at NDSR NY has already written up an excellent post about AMIA’s inaugural open-source track this year, but since it so heavily informs the work that I’m doing at WGBH, I wanted to take a little bit of a closer look at some of the themes that were running through this section of the conference. 1,009 more words

Amia 2014

Happy Birthday Joan Fontaine

Today is Joan Fontaine‘s 97th birthday.  If nothing else, watch The Women (1939) (and Rebecca and Suspicion and and and…), it is one of the best all time ensemble casts ever created.  729 more words


Big Data is the New Age Moneymaking Tool

Many Australians are skeptical about the Abbott government announcing its support for a “data retention” regime. The passing of such a bill would mean internet and telephone providers would be required by law to store the metadata of every single subscriber for a period of up to two years. 867 more words


Good Morning y’all. Happy midweek :) Today we in chapter 25 of Genesis. In this chapter, Abraham dies and Esau sells his birthright for a meal. 776 more words