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Amp up your collection with the Star Wars Black Series Deluxe Han Solo and Tauntaun

Wouldn’t you like to have a reptomammal as as pet? The Tauntauns, natives of the icy planet of Hoth, proved to be loyal and trusty pack animals and patrol aids who could flourish in the cold winters of outer space. 91 more words

Luke Skywalker Rescues Slaves

When Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, this meant that the comic titles transferred back to Marvel from Dark Horse comics. All the previous Expanded Universe materials (comics, novels, games) are now considered non-cannon and only the new material coming from Disney/Marvel would be part of the official story line.

– Star Wars #1


Star Wars 40k - The Codexes are Here!

I am about to out do myself. The proof copies of Codex: Galactic Empire and Codex: Rebel Alliance are finally here. Star Wars has come to Warhammer 40,000, and it is good… 1,136 more words


Progress Notes: "Substrate Wars," Book 2

I spent the holidays visiting my mother in her memory care facility in Kansas City, and various family obligations have kept me from working on the new book until about now. 99 more words