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Star Wars Episode VII X-wings (The Plot Thickens)

I am not going to link this article to my Facebook page because I actually want to get a girlfriend at some point in my life and a detailed speculation about some of the ships in the new Star Wars movie is not exactly what the ladies are looking for. 394 more words


Star Wars Episode VII Concept Art


Spoiler images ahead!!!

If you wish to walk into the theater on December 18, 2015 with absolutely no knowledge about anything to do with Episode VII, then click away to another page. 82 more words

Star Wars Rebels Review - "Spark of Rebellion" S1E1

Gazing out onto a vast and desolate plain from a single and solitary tower, tall and stretching high out towards the grey sky above, we see a young boy caught deep in thought.  1,339 more words

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Think You're Cut Out For Being a Stormtrooper? Take This Quiz!

So you’ve seen Star Wars once or 58,327,459,473 times and you’re thinking to yourself, “That stormtrooper gig looks pretty easy. Plus, that armor is absolutely sexy as all get out. 812 more words