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Attack on the Death Star

now then gentlemen … this diagram might look like something a Vic 20 would be capable of but in the late 1970′s its pretty high tech so stop giggling!

Star Wars

A to Z Challenge Day 8: Han Solo (the Cocky Starpilot)

My closest friends and family members were probably wondering when a Star Wars character was going to pop up on this list. It was certain to happen. 392 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

Empire Vs Rebellion Wallpaper

a great wallpaper showing the battle between the millennium falconĀ (plus accompanying rebel fighters) and imperial tie fighters

Star Wars

X-Wing Wallpaper

a fab piece of artwork of an X-Wing doing it’s attack run on the death star … a great scene for wallpaper

Star Wars

Happy Birthday Lando!

Yes that’s right folks it’s lando Calrissian’s birthday today …

Otherwise known as Billy Dee Williams …

Who just happens to be 77 today! Happy Birthday dude from all us fans! Yaaaaaay!

The Empire Strikes Back

Millenium Falcon Scene Wallpaper

I just love the falcon wallpapers and this one is very good with the city in the background … well worth a spell as your wallpaper!

Star Wars

Death Star Wallpaper

a nice piece of CG artwork showing the battle between the rebel alliance and the empire over the death star. Looks very detailed as your wallpaper.

Star Wars