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Aputure 24 GhZ Trigmaster Radio Remote Flash Trigger

Price range for canon camera differs as per advancements in cameras. canon is recognized for visual zoom digital capacity.

Canon digital rebel xt is designed to support low noise outcome with meticulous optics. 324 more words


If you are spying on me for your friend...

Tell that ‘bish’ I said “hi!” and grab me some coffee to make herself or himself useful.

Social media is touchy, especially if you speak your mind to people who are overly sensitive. 70 more words

The Rebellion


How do you make a man a rebel?
How do you make one act so strange?
How can you tell them not to follow?
Tell me what makes them make a change. 111 more words



I will not fit
into your box,
you can’t bind me
in chains and locks.
You can’t tell me
what I can say,
or what I should… 167 more words


The Rebel: Freedom fighter, or self-destructive nutjob? Depends on what they're rebelling against.

One of the more remarkable pairings of movies is that of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest vs. Girl, Interrupted: remarkable in that they have essentially the same settings and set-ups, and yet arrived at diametrically opposed conclusions. 2,701 more words

I Am Who I Am

I was not brought into this world,

To live up to your high expectations.

I will not speak like a simpering girl,

Like those from days long past. 54 more words