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Ferguson: Monday and Beyond

Ferguson: Monday and Beyond

A struggle is going on in Ferguson, MO. It is the struggle for the hearts and minds of the youth, especially the black youth. 2,863 more words


Interlude: The Tomes of Prime

In the Beginning was the Word, and from His mouth came all the subatomic particles, stardust, genomic ladders , real space, hyperspace, dimensions, flames of fire, and beings and creatures of every kind. 577 more words


"It's building. It's a revolution": Voice from Ferguson

Three youth in Ferguson capture it all…

3 youth building revolution

JavaScript required to play 3 youth building revolution. 99 more words


Dredd: Underbelly (January 2014)

Dredd: Underbelly is the comic book sequel to Dredd, the movie, which is based on Judge Dredd, the comic book. So why make a big deal out of a comic book, in this case… 144 more words

The response of Israel is a complete permanent break (1 Kings 12:16-12:19)

“When all Israel saw that the king would not listen to them, the people answered the king.

‘What share do we have in David?

We have no inheritance in the son of Jesse. 170 more words

Rebellion. A short thought.

I disagree with Imran Khan’s shenanigans. Even my six year old son knows better how to plan his negotiations with me to fulfil his demands. I love to criticize him and I have to admit it has become my favourite past time. 168 more words

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