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More On No Self

A discussion on Facebook has brought me once more to thoughts on the self as it pertains to a separate soul.  The thought might come up in some of you, that if there is no soul what about rebirth and the story of the Buddha, who once became enlightened, saw detailed knowledge of His past lives. 408 more words


After the Fire

Forest fires are scary things.

It can start with a cigarette, campfire or lightening strike. What ignites it doesn’t matter, because it becomes a fire.  Fire doesn’t care what it takes down or where it spreads. 407 more words


In My Moccasins

It says this computer is “monitored”
by the air-sucking Big Brother
in this building where,
like shoes at the entance of a Mosque,
souls are left at the door. 75 more words


Tevo Howard - Boing Pop (Kornél Kovács Remix)

Well if you’ve been keeping track of what we usually post on this page you probably have some idea what kind of house and techno we like and try to support. 101 more words


Damn Battles!

I feel so much pressure its crazy. To be totally honest im not really sure how I keep it together. I have had a thought of crazy in my life lately as well. 163 more words

My Heart Remembers

My heart remembers you.

No, we haven’t met before, that’s true.

But I look into your eyes and see

the buried love that used to be… 142 more words


Tracks Through Time

Look here and see these tracks through time,

these words, this grounded page

that clues the ever longed for sign

transforming death to life again. 145 more words