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Addiction to Control

The mind must be monitored and inventoried like an alcoholic in recovery or a Washington lobbyist: It never goes away until it gets what it wants. 51 more words


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Smile and let go today! :) Surrender to the unknown and the present! "You'll never hear a rosebush grunt and strain, trying to force its buds to open. There is wisdom within the rose that knows when it's time to unfold."-Dennis Merritt Jones

#100happydays Days 14 - 20

Day 14 – I went for a run – with my tree trunk legs – so the feeling of taking my shoes off afterwards was brilliant, followed by a hot shower. 251 more words

Life, Love And Football

Marlene Swetlishoff - Hilarion - 20 April 2014

Beloved Ones,

Many downloads of energy and recalibrations are occurring within you during these times. This can create discomfort within your physical bodies in many ways such as soreness and stiffness of the joints, ringing in the ears, pain and tenderness in various points of the spine, feelings of irritability, fleeting moments of dizziness, strong energy flows through the bottoms of the feet, and the list goes on, depending upon each person and the stage of expansion they are currently experiencing. 623 more words


James Corbett - The Corbett Report - Cold War 2.0 And The Threat Of Nuclear Warfare - 20 April 2014

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As the world’s attention turns to events in eastern Europe, rising tensions between the world’s nuclear superpowers is once again raising the specter of the cold war. 1,123 more words


ActivistPost - Another Rancher Harassed By Feds - 20 April 2014


Rancher John Ladd used to cooperate with the Border Patrol, but he and other ranchers are fed up with Border Patrol agents patrolling their land at will, cutting through fences, and even running over valuable cattle. 7 more words


Suzanne Lie - The Planets Speak Of Transmutation - 20 April 2014



You may have heard of the Cardinal Grand Cross that will be exact in Earth’s sky on… 2,138 more words