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15 Signs You Are Being Gaslighted

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1. Your significant other accuses you of siding with or having affairs with people he or she works with even thought you have no contact with these people WHATSOEVER. 664 more words


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This post describes ways in which the narcissist's psychological abuse builds over time. One slight comment alone is odd, but the accumulation of small pokes combine and build to become an abusive cage. It's a good read.

Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use

I’m a pretty big fan of letting people do whatever the hell they want with their lives – it’s a core part of being the ‘little l’ liberal that I am. 1,270 more words

Australian Politics

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I do not agree with most of this post, but am reblogging it because I made comment about it (in a rather civil manner), which I am about to publish, and that comment would therefore require context.

Believe and it will happen

Naturally we all go through circumstances that make us feel worried sometimes, but when we believe, what we think may not happen usually will happen. Learning to keep your faith and staying positive can result in amazing things. 73 more words


User Experience Report: Does The Application of Game Elements Result In Improved User Engagement?

61% of participants were at least somewhat familiar with gamification

Most participants were rather well versed in gamification with 57% able to produce an example. Overall women were slightly more familiar with gamification than men. 301 more words


(ex-)Christian Scientist Health Care- Patent Medicines and Natural Remedies

Kat at Kindism wrote a very good post describing the common patent medicines for everyday physical problems under the same title I am using here. This strikes me as a very practical thing to do. 1,120 more words

Food As Medicine.

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This was left a as a comment on my Christian Science Health Care: Stocking the medicine cabinet post, I though it was worth sharing further!

Considering PBL

This post is a cross post from my original in the  OSSEMOOC  June 2014, 30 days of collaborative blogging “Picture and Post” series.

Today’s post compliments some of our related OSSEMOOC posts on Project Based Learning (PBL). 50 more words


Missing for 10 Years: Maura Murray

The amount of missing people and cold case files are mounting up all across the United States. Everyday there is a new story being broadcasted across the media with families and friends of the victims not knowing where to turn when no leads prevail. 213 more words