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Repossession: Reclaimed Slurs and Lexicography

[Ed. note: this post contains language that is considered extremely inflammatory. Caveat lector.]

People forward language articles to me all the time–usually the same article multiple times, until my inbox is nothing but language links and plaintive requests from Wine.com to buy more booze, please. 2,171 more words


Spurgeon on Madison Avenue

I was wandering around Manhattan on a fall afternoon.  Since I don’t have a smart phone, I couldn’t look up any information on the internet.  So I sent a text to my wife, who was at home, asking, “Could you find me a good coffee shop to hangout in?  592 more words


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Providence, prayer, the glory of our life in Jesus Christ shared with others!

What is the best comment in a source code that you have ever encountered?

Some beauties in the answer to this question on Quora. “// Fingers crossed!” and “# YOLO!” would probably be a lot less amusing if you were sitting in front of the code scratching (or shaking) your head: 14 more words


Bye Bye

This WordPress site will no longer be maintained and eventually discontinued. The new address(es):

Photography has moved to cargocollective. Go here to see the new site… 53 more words


Ed Hoskins: Capital Cost and Production Effectiveness of Renewable Energy in Europe - the Data

Guest post from Ed Hoskins
A comparison of both the Capital Cost and Energy Production Effectiveness of the Renewable Energy in Europe.

The diagrams and table below collate the cost and capacity factors of Renewable Energy power sources, Onshore and Off-shore Wind Farms and Large scale Photovoltaic Solar generation, compared to the cost and output capacity of conventional Gas Fired Electricity generation. 2,819 more words


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Interesting comparisons! Clearly, the costs of these renewable forms of energy are too high to be practical even in high income economies.

Christmas Cooking- Mince Pies

I thought that I would re-run this post from last Christmas with my favourite recipe for mince pies.


I am not a professional cook. It’s not even really a hobby. 973 more words


THE Ngorongoro crater

where it is located…Karibu Tanzania

breathtaking sceneries of the Ngorongoro crater


millions of wildlife animals

not forgetting the safe and beautiful hotels and cabins..

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