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"To All My Facebook Friends" (2)

We could unplug ourselves
Off Facebook
And start writing
In journals.
We could write
Each other letters
And make frequent trips
To the post office. 312 more words


Why I am Pretty Sure I Have Been Accidentally Stopping the Most Authentic Book Discussions Taking Place in My Classroom

Every so often, I am struck by the fact that I have been making a huge mistake as a teacher and I suddenly wish that I could run around and gather up all my former students to apologize. 1,447 more words

inequality in the skies

I’m on a plane right now, flying from Sacramento back to Albany. And sitting here I’m reminded of how air travel itself reflects the growing inequality of society in a trivial, but suggestive, way. 536 more words


Graphic Novels from a Woman's POV 2

Some time ago I talked with you about my specific interests in the area of graphic novels. That previous post provided suggestions for reading material by female graphic artists. 569 more words

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Y la segunda parte aquí. :)

Graphic Novels from a Woman’s POV

When most people think of graphic novels, they think of comic books. And when they think of comic books, they think of adolescent males living out their superhero fantasies vicariously through the pages of a book with mostly pictures and few words. 826 more words

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YES. Esto me ayuda, no sólo a descubrir nuevas novelas gráficas, sino también en reparar la descompensación que tengo en mis lecturas. But more on that later.

Eva Frankfurther, Artist | Spitalfields Life

There is an unmistakeable melancholic beauty which characterises Eva Frankfurther‘s East End drawings made during her brief working career in the nineteen-fifties. Born into a cultured Jewish family in Berlin in 1930, she escaped to London with her parents in 1939 and studied at St Martin’s School of Art between 1946 and 1952, where she was a contemporary of Leon Kossoff and Frank Auerbach. 25 more words

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Today I Felt Okay

I woke up today and I didn’t feel sad. The weather was shitty, and I had to go to work. But I didn’t mind it so much. 398 more words

Journal Type Shits

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I’m fairly close to perfection but I have no sense of humour. I follow this guy because I love laughing out loud. I don’t do LOL or LMAO. I think that’s lame. This guy writes in full sentences. Plus he writes well. Plus he swears more than I do.