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What the....?

  I was appalled to open the much beloved English newspaper, The Telegraph, to learn that a “Dad’s Army” remake is in the works. Dad’s Army is my favourite Brit-com, if not favourite comedy of all time. 209 more words

Cosplay Thursday: Edmonton Expo Part 1

Howdy Hoe good neighbors.

So once again I have a some cosplayers and their creative cosplay outfits. This time I have a few pictures for this years Edmonton Expo 2014. 54 more words


VIDEO: All Of The Halloween Movies Explained In Less Than Two Minutes!

Scary movies seem even scarier around this time of year, don’t they?

There’s been a whole bunch of “Halloween” movies, and with all the twists and turns, they can be a little hard to follow! 47 more words


A second chance for John Carter?

Good news for Edgar Rice Burroughs  fans.

Disney has lost the property’ media rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter universe.Well, maybe not lost. Sounds like Disney gave up the rights to the characters. 276 more words


The ‘Cabin Fever’ Remake Will Use the Original’s Same Ridiculous Script

When Cabin Fever came out in 2002, reactions were mixed, not despairing – a total anomaly in the (normally) truly terrible genre of horror film. 322 more words

Film Drunk

Spooky Scary Cinema: The Addams Family (1991)

If I’m going to look at films that are Spooky and Scary, I better include the Creepiest, Kookiest family around! I enjoyed watching the Addam’s Family cartoon, and watched both the live-action films as a kid. 627 more words