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A way back into Love

I have entered a new phase. I am feeling quite done with the alone time, the big travels, the need to be putting my words, face, name and cause out there for all to see and hear. 940 more words

Lies Destroy Your Foundation of Trust

Lies are like mold, and trying to rebuild your marriage on a foundation of lies and lack of integrity or past deceit is like laying down new tile atop moldy wooden floors. 219 more words

Assorted Mints

My soul, Jerusalem

The Sages taught “All those who mourn over Jerusalem will merit to see her rejoicing.” (Taanit 30b)

Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag pointed out that since many… 170 more words


Detroit in the News

Look! Detroit’s progress is spreading far and wide: check out this article in the New York Times Magazine!


The pendulum-like nature of the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have been a pendulum of late. Twice now in years following a World Series victory, Boston has followed with a less-than-stellar season. 867 more words


Who am I?

I do not even know anymore. All my life I’ve worn masks. I’ve built walls to keep others out. I’ve built so many in fact that I have now a fortress with layers upon layers of walls, and an impenetrable stronghold in the middle made of steel and onyx. 340 more words