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Mindset for Escaping/Rebuilding

If you are reading this, thinking how desperately you want things to change in your current situation, you are ready to begin your journey. Somewhere inside of you, an unconscious decision has already been made; the only thing stopping you is the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and the question: “Where do I even begin?” 1,459 more words


Energywork ~ Balancing and Fortifying Our Energy System

Do you carry a general tiredness or get overwhelmed more quickly than ever before? Is it challenging to focus or to remain still? Are there abrupt mood changes, a sense of paranoia, disconnectedness, brain frazzle? 773 more words


Testimony of an Un-Christian

Trying to pin down a topic long enough in my brain to get anywhere with writing it out has been almost impossible. Ever since getting pregnant and now being a mom, I’ve been painfully aware of just how busy one’s mind can get. 892 more words



in your free time bright ideas
arise out of thin air
and fizzle into nothingness

more often than not
trial and error leads you
tossing your thoughts to the birds… 89 more words


Haiku: After the storm

Caked mud

Broken porcelain

Mildew, rock

This house, my precious home

Things I left behind or lost:

My shaken, torn up, heart

Holding Onto Me

I have a one month old. I have been a mommy for one month. And for one month I have already felt the wrestling in my spirit as I try to maintain hold on ME and not let being “Ender’s mommy” become my whole identity. 888 more words