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Thoughts on Rebuttal Blogging

I love a good take-down.

You see something stupid on the internet, and you know it’s stupid, and you know why it’s stupid, and then someone comes along and explains EXACTLY why it’s stupid, and you’re so happy to see such a clear, concise explanation of why it’s stupid that you share it so that everyone else can see just how stupid the original stupid thing was. 443 more words

Rebuttal: A Fairy Tale

For those that read Kevin’s version of how we met, I think it’s clear that he may have over-exaggerated a few details. This is the tale of what really happened. 1,020 more words


The Anti-List

This post is inspired by another rebuttal-type post. The original post was a list of 23 things to do before you turn 23. This post caught the eye of the blogger on Unofficial Jabber, a woman who seems to be God-centric. 765 more words

Summary of the William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens debate: Does God Exist?

I got word today that there was an agnostic philosophy student at Dr. Craig’s “Defenders” class today who read this summary of the Craig-Hitchens debate and said it was “perfectly on the money” according to my source. 3,014 more words


My Poor Tongue

So, this happened the other day on Pinterest. I was going to blog about it on my “positive” IVF blog, but decided that a rant would be better off here. 1,169 more words


Response To Young Love Criticism

First, YES my fiancé and I REALLY ARE engaged. Yes, I am only 19. Yes, I am also FULLY AWARE of the fact that I am still in high school (I don’t subconsciously wake and get ready every morning to sit through seven classes and never acknowledge it). 315 more words