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Opinions of Others




noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions

  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

People these days are to knee jerk reactionary to understand anymore.  524 more words

What Lennox Got Wrong: A Refutation of his Key Arguments


In this piece I offer a critique to some of the major arguments raised by John Lennox in his recent talks at Melbourne, both at the Friday night ‘Cosmic Chemistry’ public lecture, and also the Saturday ‘Reasons for Faith’ conference. 5,702 more words

Red Rebuttal Videos

It has been quite some time since I last posted. Mostly because I’ve been busy earning my Bachelors degree. Now that I am finally finished, I’ve had some free time and I’ve started making videos for a series I call Red Rebuttal. 63 more words

Marginalized in the Middle: A Rebuttal to the NYT Article on "Beating" #Autism

A few days ago, an article titled The Kids Who Beat Autism appeared in the New York Times.  I needed time to think about and digest what Ruth Padawar, the article’s author, wrote.   1,421 more words


The Gentle Art of Talking Back

In the researcher’s understanding of the classics, it is evident that Dante must have written ‘The Divine Comedy’ as an allegory for grantfest. Including the bit with the guy eating another guy’s head. 1,290 more words

General PhD

The #Dstigma Rebuttal

Had a good giggle at a tweet that appeared in my feed this afternoon:

People are so ignorant, it pisses me off. So, in my “ugh, you ignoramus”-ness (and I would just like to take this moment to say that Jeremy said that in mockery of these people, he knows better himself), I hereby present to you my response: 565 more words

50 Reasons Why The Unhappy New York Article Is Bull$*#^!

Laura Argintar published this article on Elite Daily titled “50 Reasons That Prove Why New York Is Actually The Unhappiest City In America”.

I took some time to repudiate her claims. 1,370 more words