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50 Reasons Why The Unhappy New York Article Is Bull$*#^!

Laura Argintar published this article on Elite Daily titled “50 Reasons That Prove Why New York Is Actually The Unhappiest City In America”.

I took some time to repudiate her claims. 1,370 more words


Dear noobs in Korea, you're doing fine...

Have you read this? Probably. While there are dozens of K-Bloggers out there, we’re the only ones reading what each other wrote so the odds are pretty good that you did. 887 more words

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Quindell addressed the Himex litigation issue in the Gotham rebuttal statement, page 19

Quindell addressed the Himex litigation issue in the Gotham rebuttal statement, page 19

Here is the extract

Gotham’s perspective:Former executives allege Himex/Navseeker lied to them about its financial state and that in effect they were operating a Ponzi-style scheme. 673 more words

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A Rebuttal, of Sorts

I am bound by the crookedness of my smile.

Happiness displayed always as a contorted reality of who I am.

My grin does not eat shit and it has certainly had enough of yours. 344 more words

I Believe That We Will Win...People (and Ann Coulter) Over From Hyperbole

Over the course of the World Cup the United States has found itself going through a wide range of emotions that includes actually caring about soccer. 2,222 more words

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Listen without bias

Opinionated Man, aka OM, aka Jason Cushman, aka Cush, wrote a post the other day, Stop Saying 99%.  He wrote,

Stop saying 99% in debate unless you are actually quoting from a stat sheet.

646 more words

6 Rebuttals In Defense Of Wearing Makeup- To The Girls Who Say I Shouldn't

As the craze of moralizing our every personal choice with association of social and political trend (thanks internet) continues, the whole “To wear makeup, or not to wear make-up “ debate is at high speed on social media. 490 more words