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Wild Born, Chapter 18: The Fallen

Last time on Wild Born, Abeke obtained the Granite Ram and joined the Greencloak party, but Zerif killed Barlow. Will the party accept their newest member? 218 more words

Spirit Animals

Outlander: Episode Two Recap

Suspicions ran wild in Outlander’s second episode, “Castle Leoch”.

Picking up right where we left off, Claire and the Highlanders have arrived at Castle Leoch, leaving our heroine in no doubt that she’s been transported to another time. 1,375 more words

The Small Screen Scene

Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Dead Man's Blood


Season 1 Episode 20 Dead Man’s Blood

This episode opens with a hand hovering over a journal covered with weird writing, and at first you think it’s Sam or Dean, because it’s clearly a hunter’s journal, but as the camera pans back, it’s an older man we learn is named Daniel Elkins. 1,716 more words


Splurge on STK's Summer Menu Selections

When you splurge on dinner, you can dress up and go to a fancy restaurant, order an overpriced special, and split a bottle of wine. Or, you can go to a restaurant where your server is more like a concierge, a jacket is recommended but not required, food is worth every penny, and your meal can be expertly paired with a selection of wines by the bottle or glass. 563 more words


America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 1 - Recap/Random Opinions.

Hey guys!

I recently watched the first epi of the new ANTM, and I have to say I’m happy for the series in that it garnered good ratings (I think.) But on the actual quality of the episode itself, I’m actually a little disappointed :/. 1,842 more words

TOS 01.13 "The Conscience of the King"

(original airdate: December 8, 1966)

Today’s crisis is that Kirk has discovered a traveling actor, now aboard the Enterprise, who may or may not actually be a mass-murdering dictator named Kodos, who was presumed dead for 20 years. 366 more words

Star Trek

Recapping the Washington County Fair

The 2014 Washington County Fair has come and gone. Spanning five days and featuring three Nashville recording artists the fair was a roaring success. 553 more words

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