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8 Week Out Update

As you guys know, I try to keep my numbers a little hush hush. I’m even more dedicated to this cause since someone big in the powerlifting community promised me that even if I think I’m not at that level yet where people are stalking me… they are. 353 more words

awesomesauce august

Miles Run/Walked –  161.22

Miles Biked –  0

Races Run –  5

Miles Raced –  45.5

PRs at said races –  0

Medals earned –  4… 73 more words




Warning: watching this gif over and over again may cause your panties to drop. Because, that’s what the 18th century is all about, stares that will make you go ‘hoo ha, I will faint, why is my imaginary petticoat about to just wilt off me?’ Anyway, this gif promises us everything that Saturday’s (Saturday? 558 more words


The Three Musketeers: Episode 3 Recap

It’s an hour of happiness as our hero is rewarded with some success and gifts, but along with the prizes are tasks and conflicts that he might not be so open to. 2,910 more words

Bathed in Blood—Intro and Chapter 1

I’m including the intro here since my kindle opens everything on Chapter one


One hundred years ago, a series of disasters called the Redaction spread radioactive particles around the globe and nearly wiped out life on Earth. 4,146 more words


August 2014: Recap + On My Shelves

Goodbye August! You were hot… I mean fun, but it is time to end, and time to move forward! 262 more words


RHOM: Tennis Day Does Not Go Okay

This week of Real Housewives of Melbourne starts with Lydia in class at school for interior design. She’s very boastful about her knowledge and skills, comparing herself to her instructor and wanting to stand out from the other students. 1,322 more words

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