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Recap : Made in Chelsea NYC (Series 1, Episode 6)

The NYC finale ends with true romance! One I actually believe won’t crash and burn within twelve seconds. Stevie’s delicate web of lies falls apart, Jamie has a moustache and a surprise secret hook up is revealed which I am so, so into. 1,734 more words


RHONJ: Faking It

I was excited to see this week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey because of the previews from last episode; until I watched the whole thing and realized that it was a preview of what was to come in the season, not this episode. 1,195 more words

Reality TV

Bill Hader on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Bill Hader visited Seth Meyers for the first time last night and their reunion was unsurprisingly hilarious. The former SNL co-stars reminisced about their time on the late-night institution. 152 more words


Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 13

The time has come for what we were waiting for. Woohooo time for some ghost hunting. I was losing hope and then the drama gave me this episode. 2,713 more words


5th Year Thoughts: The Beginning of the End

High school feels ages ago…except life seems to repeat itself. The struggle to figure out who you are and what you want in “all of this” never gives you a break (especially as a person who can barely decide on what tea to drink on a daily basis). 658 more words

Things I've Learned

Recap: No Sapphic relationship with you, m'lady, just want your glitter.

PANDEMONIUM. SUCH PANDEMONIUM. This week was saw a development in the ‘who da fuck wants to kill me with a machete’ Nucky Plotline, with a little side-tickling into the sitcom of an Italian and Jew go into Business to beat the strong waves of macho-Italian boss and complete 180 to the cold, Industrial capital of Chicago to watch Al try and get a suit on and Van Alden tell a woman she cannot speak a word of English. 262 more words


Mileage Recap & a Question

You might have gotten this post last night…wordpress is playing tricks on me and posting when it shouldn’t be!

This week was a little bizarre for me running-wise anyway. 976 more words