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Once upon a time...

Your task this week is to write a 100- word mini winter story!

The only rules you have are:

  1. It must include something about winter! Snow, ice-skating, Christmas, penguins, holly, robins etc.
  2. 279 more words

mrmccormack reblogged this on Heavers Farm Primary School and commented:

Mrs Sullivan, our Literacy Co-ordinator, has set the whole school a story writing challenge for homework. I'm really looking forward to reading some of the entries. Happy writing Heavers!

An Example of Faith from a Young Shepherd

This week I have been reading through 1-2 Samuel and an old story most of us have heard since childhood resonated with me in a new light. 1,204 more words

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Where in the world are Zac and Julie?

Dear Prayer Partners,

Where in the World are Zac and Julie?

Perhaps you remember the old game and PBS TV show, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” 1,108 more words

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Local Pro Edit - Tom Isted

One of Cornwall’s local pro riders Tom Isted has recently made a new edit showing you that BMX isn’t dead!

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The Track - new ramps

At the Track ther have been a few changes, the first one is that there is a new training ramp, this is a normal take off but on the landing there is a type of mulch/rubber landing to ensure when you land or id toy fall off there aren’t nay injuries so you are more confident to try and learn a new trick. 193 more words

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Mount Hawke - change of colour

Mount Hawke have rencenly changed the colour of their skatepark, form the previous red to now a more gentle blue this works very well because this skatepark is in Cornwall and the normal thought of Cornwall is its lush coastline and beaches so by making it blue its relating to Cornwall more and make the skatepark have a unique look. 17 more words

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