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I Hate You Sallie Mae: The Rant of a Frustrated Millennial

Sallie Mae is a filthy whore! No, I’m not even kidding she’s a whore and she’s ruining my life. I need to talk about this, is anyone listening?!  1,038 more words


The lost generation

We are those they now call the lost generation
Not those who came of age during World War One
But those suffering because of the recession… 222 more words


Should the UK Regulate its Banking Industry?

Since 2008, the greatest debate between Parliament and the City in the UK has focused around regulation. That is, in light of the devastating effects of global financial meltdown, should the state play a greater role in mediating and monitoring the activities of the economy’s biggest banks? 1,001 more words


Book Review: The Greatest Trade Ever by Gregory Zuckerman

Of the many books on recession history that I have read, “The Greatest Trade Ever” didn’t really stand out. My favorite book on recession is “A colossal failure of common sense” which chronicles the fall of Lehman Brothers. 226 more words


The EU Paradox

The European Union has facilitated a union between its 28 member states in order to achieve lasting peace; and at the same time, creating economic success. 692 more words

Milly Bygrave

Seeing through the middle man.

Getting new glasses has always been a straightforward process and usually an area most people turn a blind eye to in terms of the sourcing the components themselves and let the professionals do all the work from the eye test to the ordering most likely due to people not understanding how much more of a simpler process it is than one might think. 530 more words


Recession brings new optimism to students

After the beginning of the recession in 2008, many high school students began changing their main goals in life in order to find happiness in ways other than accumulating money and acquiring a high-paying job. 233 more words

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