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Texas is in danger of a recession

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Turmoil in the oil market could knock Texas into a recession.

The shale oil boom has been a blessing to Texas, making the state an economic standout during the past few years of ho-hum U.S. 382 more words


McDonald's Replacing Cashiers with Touch-Screen Tablets - Another Idiocracy Prophecy Come True!

Mark Dice, 12/2014

McDonald’s Replacing Cashiers with Touch-Screen Tablets – Another Idiocracy Prophecy Come True!
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Conspiracy Theory

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When wages get too high or work rules to restrictive the answer is automation and the result is no jobs!

What is a Business Opportunity MLM?

Why A Business Opportunity MLM Makes SenseWe have been in a recession that doesn t appear to be getting any better, and it won t for a considerable time until these congressmen stop arguing among themselves!Those without jobs, people who can only find part-time work and others who hate their roles and are looking for a business opportunity, Multi Level Marketing is one of the finest opportunities today.Business Opportunity MLM Has Such a Bad Rap!With a business opportunity MLM, once you have made a careful decision about which opportunity you want to join, you ll pay an one-time buy in cost, then you can go off and build your business. 70 more words

How To Think About The World Coming To An End

Live every day as if it is your last

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but humanity is on a fast track course to extinction. It will be decimated within my generation and will near extinction after a few more. 273 more words


Germany Is Back Up With Investors

WELT: Germany Is Back Up With Investors

“In autoumn recession was still threatening the German economy. Now the sentiment has surprisingly turned around. Worldwide, more and more investors are backing Germany. 189 more words



Afternoon – good King Ian last looked out – four days before Christmas. Making my way home from the mrs’ place, walking through her local town centre to get a couple of bits for myself, I was bracing myself for the usual rugby scrum, pushing and shoving, unable to move properly. 173 more words

Ian Fullbrook

Why low gas prices aren't a good thing.

My facebook feed is blowing up with people’s excitement over lower gas prices.  While it may feel like a good thing in the short term, it could mean their job in the long term. 347 more words

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