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6 Steps to success through recession

It is never too late for a brand to reconsider its ability to win. The only issue within the recession is that people are losing their hope. 576 more words


A few thoughts about the immigration crisis from here in Honduras

Almost everyone I’ve met down here has family and/or friends in the United States. I don’t ask if they’re legal, but just judging by socioeconomic class, I’m sure the vast majority are not. 708 more words


Mathematics of Despair

Simon added up the bills for the fifth time. Each of the first four times he’d reached the same sum, and still he tried in vain to defeat the laws of mathematics in search of a smaller figure. 969 more words


Two Days, One Night




Despite being the first actual star the Dardenne brothers have hired in, like, forever, Marion Cotillard rarely feels incongruous in Two Days, One Night… 511 more words


Brazil’s newfound recession: 4 numbers that explain what’s happening

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Latin America’s largest economy is officially in recession, according to data released Friday by the Brazilian government.

Far from boosting Brazil’s economic output, the World Cup earlier this year is now being blamed for slowing the country’s economy and helping it slip into negative territory. 790 more words

Latin America

Ukraine economy at risk, may need another bailout #RussiainvadedUkraine

A Pro-Russian rebel (Russian soldier) prepares arms for the assault on the positions of Ukrainian army in Donetsk airport, eastern Ukraine, Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine. 271 more words